Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Let It Snow

Here is yet another one of the cards I did for my Angel swap. I really like how this one turned out. When I originally did it, I used green and red....I love this new version.


Getting into the Spirit of Christmas

This is one of the cards I made for a swap with my fellow angels...I think I will actually do this one for some of my christmas cards as well.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Could it be true???

Chocolate milk is soda/pop in Drag???


What does this mean?

Anyone?'s an Ice Rink...

Woke up to hearing the crunch of ice - eeks....great.

Can you say SNOW DAY???

Stayed home....didn't do nearly as much as I would have wanted...oh well...

Played with my new phone and added a few contacts.

Did a couple of things that I needed to.

pretty much that was it.

I post-poned my workout with MM til Saturday...but that was okay...he was stuck in Mill it most likely was for the best.

Now they are saying another big storm to hit Wed night/Thurs...we will see what happens.

Not to sure if I'm poolin tomorrow with "B" - guess I'll give him a call in the AM.

peace out

Back to work....


Its always hard to go back to work on a Monday after a long weekend. There was lots of snow up North...but not in Ballard or on the eastside...yet. SO after waiting til the sun came up...I headed into work.

It was a slow go...but not too much traffic....and got to work safely. YEAH.

"V" called to make sure I was okay...he heard about all the snow...and well he was was very sweet. *swoon*

Had an okay day at the office....did a few things....but the coolest thing I did was finally go out during lunch and get a new phone.


I got a Motorola Razr phone...with all the bells and whistles. YEAH...finally. I uploaded a few ring tones, a call tone and a few music just to get a skin or two of course in the purple color...i mean come on ...hello??? lol...

Anyways...the Seahawks are playing tonight so traffic should be horrible. Blech.

Left around 5:30 and started heading home...traffic was bad...


I made it to the 1-90 bridge deck and started to hail...and then blizzard like snow it took 2 hours to get home and when I finally arrived in the lovely banana belt...there was 2 inches of snow that was slushy and melting....


got up stairs...and got all nice and warm and cozy and settled in for the night...

Bright and Shiny...NOW where was I??

LOL...okay...yeah Sunday...woke up to that white know it....SNOW. Okay it wasn't snowing in this wonderful banana belt (whatever that means lol) BUT it was up North.

SO no church.


BUT...."V" was in da house. YIPPEEE. Sunday morning relaxing.


Called the "rents" and they had tons of snow. SO No go...tee hee...

Oh yeah where was I??? Yes "V" was here. We had a great morning....and to the airport...what the?? Got there...huge wait time...said the bitter sweet goodbyes...and then back was




Are you irritated yet??? Anyways...I ended my day by doing an entire building apartment inspection...and then....I did a little card making/stamping.


A WONDERFUL 4 day weekend.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Saturday...what a day. I got up and got ready for my session with MM - was a great morning. I was feeling great...and I was being the rockstar that I am *snort* was was wearing my blue shades....ha ha workout was fabulous...and then I headed over to see DIVA at our special Gilman Village...Sweet Additions...we had an amazing brunch and a fantastic talk. AND was go see Becks.

WOW...I was excited and nervous all rolled into has been since halloween since I have seen her. I couldn't wait to see her...and see her new digs. I made it up to Woodinville to her FT location...and it was beautiful....simply Becky. We had a great talk...and it was sooo good to see her...this is a picture she took of us (she's on the right)....I'm putting it into my A picture a day for 90 days journal...yeah!!! I said goodbye...and then hit the road again.

I headed into Ballard where I was to meet "V" at Chinooks for an early dinner/very late lunch...ha ha...I just love going to Chinooks....and he really misses going there. I got there just as he arrived....and it was good to see him. I know I had seen him earlier that morning...but to just see our old haunts...took my breath away. He ordered way too much food...and I ordered the chop chop veggie salad. He's really surprised how my eating habits have changed...and is very apprehesive of doing the wrong thing around me. I simply told him...don't worry - do what you want and I'll figure it out...really.

He got me the most precious gifts....all with a dragonfly and coffee theme of course - my two favorites. One is a ceramic coffee jar with a pewter lid with a dragonfly and a pewter scoop with a dragonfly...and then a seperate coffee scoop with a dragonfly with a hook to hang on the wall...just love this man.

We had a great dinner...and then he went to go meet the guys for a game of pool and I went to go for my walk with pops....

Later....we met up again at my place...and it was like he had never left to go to NO...but we both knew that things had/have we shall see what comes next....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

You know it's a good day when....

You go to a blog you read on a regular basis...and totally enjoy. Also the blog writer is a movie buff...and has a challenge...and makes a special effort to stump me...I total love it. I feel like if this person and I were ever to meet...we would be fast friends. I went to her blog (I can't link you to it long story) only to find out that she left a message...and I was included in's the message.....

Thank You, Chan, for the challenge and the motivation. And for always being willing to try. Thank You for the constant compliments and pats on the back. For taking time to reach out to a person you’ve never met and try to make her life a little brighter. Thank you for being a woman of purpose I am proud to attempt to stump.

After reading her message, I wanted to was like getting a huge hug...I need to reply to her and tell her how much her message meant to me....but I haven't been able to express exactly how I feel will come.

Anyways....that is my happy thought for Friday...that being nice and yourself to people, even those that you don't know, does make a difference.

carry on...peeps...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thursday was here....

I got up, got ready and headed to church, not knowing what to expect with the Thanksgiving Day service.

I had my bag full of canned goods...and headed in....upon arrival I was handed a paper shaped raindrop and was asked to put my blessing/why I was thankful and to hang onto my goods til the end of service.

I went in, sat down...and then Janice showed up...we started chatting, and a few others sat down...and then service started.

The service was amazing. I loved how people were reading psalms, a prayer and then we would was the end of the service, we all walked up to the front, dropped out gift of food, and placed our blessing on the river, mountain, cloud background....what a feeling.

After the service I spoke to Barb about the scrapbooking group...and we'll get that going in January...and discuss more after the holiday weekend...I'm excited about that.

Then off to the "rents" I went. I stopped at heaven (Starbucks) to get an iced tea....and ended up getting it free...for waiting so long...score...2 times in one o man I should buy a lotto

Traffic was horrible, but I got up to the "rents" and we just had a relaxing time. We watched "Scrapped" a documentary about scrapbooking...I really enjoyed it...and will be watching it turkey was amazing...and so was the's all about the then afterwards....we relaxed and then it was time to head home....I got home...and watched the normal Thursday night stuff....and drifted off to sleep.

Hump Day...

Wednesday was here. "B" picked me up so we could "pool" and off to heaven we went. It was my turn to buy. AND I was ready for a little iced tea - we placed our order...and then...we got up to the window. Our favorite guy was there....YEAH....and so I played a little Thanksgiving song for him...he laughed...and gave us our drinks free...yeah!! So we headed off to work.....

Traffic wasn't too bad, and then at the office ho ho ho...we account execs had a meeting...and I went to work on reports. Doug had more of his project for me...and we needed to get er

There was tons of snack food -- everyone had brought it in to munch on during the day...and I avoided it...and was glad I had brought my own food...just for me...he he...

I called and actually talked to Becks....oh how I miss her. I told her everything MM was having me do...and we had a fantastic conversation. I am gonna go see her on Saturday, after my workout with MM and after meeting DIVA for brunch/lunch...and then to see Becks..YEAH I am sooo excited. I can't wait to see's been almost a I miss her.

The day just flew on by...and then.....well it was time...we were able to leave at 3pm...and so we headed home...and when I got home for whatever reason decided to take a nap. What a nap??? UGH...okay so I had a workout with MM scheduled for what I thought was at 6:30 I got up...and started to went to the car and decided to get some gas...and then off to FT....I was talking to Momma...and the phone was MM...where "are you he says" I tought my workout was at 7:45...ooops...actually I ended up being about 10 minutes late...I got my warmup done...and then we "kicked butt" and "took someones name" worked hard and fast with the time we did I get my butt then off to home I went.

I stopped at QFC and got some canned goods for church and a container of cottage cheese and ranch dry dressing so I could make my dip to take to the "rents" and a frozen I was beat - but needed to eat.

I made it home, made the dip, microwaved dinner...watched a show...and then drifted off to sleep.

A MeMe Sighting...

Ah was here finally. Went to work, and was all ready to get my work done...and then off to pick up MeMe. I was working on a project for Doug and a few others. The day seemed to drag so slowly.

During lunch, Cindy and I went to work on crafty things. She needed help with a bracelet...and I needed to finish my Thanksgiving Cards...and mail them....eeeks....well okay a day or two late in the mailing...but heck it is the thought, right? Anyways....then the afternoon....just flew then it was time to leave to go get MeMe.

The traffic was horrible....I got to the airport as MeMe was getting her bags...and then a little drive around...and then there she was. much has changed for both of us. She looked fabu...and she noticed a difference in we went to Azteca for dinner.

We had a great dinner and a fantastic talk/time. It really amazes me how without even knowing it before that our relationship has grown. Maybe we have grown. I don't know...maybe it is the time away. I don't know for sure. All I know is that I feel our relationship has grown, has matured. I feel closer to MeMe that I did when she was here working. Maybe we have grown, maybe we are in a difference place in our lives. Maybe we took advantage of the fact that the other was always there...maybe I had - not sure... but I know that I am glad for our friendship.

We then headed up to Marysville, to meet MeMe's mom and our talk continued - it was amazing, that's all I can really say about it. While we were waiting, a van randomly drove into the parking lot and drove over the they were driving over it...a passenger inside the van proclaimed..."DUDE, You can't do that" to which MeMe and I busted up laughing....
so blog

Anyways.....MeMe's mom showed up, we said our goodbyes...and off we went...

To sum it up...a fantastic evening...with an amazing friend....excellent!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Time to "pool"

Monday...ugh...I got up and realized that I was carpooling....SO I got ready...and had most everything done and together and "B" called...said he was gonna be late. UGH...okay so I got a project ready to take to work on during lunch. No biggie....

SO I went downstairs to wait and he was 10 minutes past that time...UGH!!! Anyways...we headed out and went to heaven....I got my weekly delite...and then off to work.

BUT the best news of all is.....

MEME will be here tomorrow!!!! I can't wait to see her!!!

more later....

What a bargin what a deal....

Sunday….I got up and ready and headed to church – it was a good to go and see everyone. AND the message was good. I need to remember to tell Momma (Char) about the definition of “ELDER”. Anyways….I stopped afterwards at Sam’s Club to pick up a couple of things and scored on a pair of Reebok Crosstrainers - $14.81! WAHOO!!! I then headed home…and just took it easy, making lunch for a bit…and then headed up to the “Rents”. We had a great dinner and good laughs….and then back home…to settle in for the night. I did a bit of pick-up around the place…and made my lunch for the next 3 days….and then watch a bit of tv and put in my whitening trays and went to bed.

It's Time to Kick It Up A Notch!

Saturday….What a great day. I went to work out at a place down the street. I think it will be good for in between my sessions with MM….and I got in on their end of year deal…so we will see….I am excited and nervous and probably won’t mention much about it…just yet – want to just get into the groove without any pressure. It’s all about baby steps. Anyways…the rest of the day was good. Didn’t get as much as I wanted done – but it was still a good day. I met pops for a walk after work…and then I hit Safeway to find the ingredients for life…ha ha okay I just went to by a bag of Splenda to take up to the “Rents” on Sunday….I then headed home…made a good dinner and just chilled.

Hello??? Have you seen my heart lately????

Friday….YEAH finally!! Did a bunch of stuff at work…as usual. I had to laugh so HARD…DIVA called me and started talking in the 3rd person…. Snort too funny!

AND then it was time…to head home to walk with pops! HA HA HA…fun times. SO I hurried home, got ready and met pops at the track. Okay….wtf?? SO we started walking and man oh man…did pops have a good stride going….so it took everything to keep up…but I did. By lap 2 ½ I was sweating…lol….and he turned to me and said man you’re walking at a good clip….I tried to say…very much so out of breath…I’m just trying to keep up with you…he started to laugh….when we hit the 2/3 point…I was like oh sweet baby jesus..thank you…lol…and then when I hit the stairs…Dad…my heart is still on the track…lol…I’m waiting for it to catch up…lol – SO we had a good laugh…then said goodbye….I headed off to get gas for the car and to QFC for a few things…then home for dinner. I made a good dinner and watched the DaVinci Code.


Thursday finally was here. I had a pretty good day at work. I’ve been feeling really good. Wasn’t sore…and in general. I am happy. YES I had a little “back to the old Chan” moment. I think it would be unrealistic to erase 18 years of bad habits/feelings in 4 months. Just saying.

Anyways….back to were we were. Thursday. It was a pretty fast day at work…yeah…and then time to get ready to see MM. I have been really good about filling out my book and I even put the “slurpee” in there. I’m not hiding it…I’ll take whatever MM dishes out. I got there….handed over my book and hit the treadmill. I even brought DMB to listen to…and MM let me play it….and well everyone else was happy I brought it – so there! HA

Anyways….MM gave me a little shit about the slurpee. I can understand his point…he doesn’t want me to get into the habit of getting em…but come on…I could have done so much worse. So we’ll just let that go…it’s not going to matter next week anyways. Snort I had a fabulous workout and felt much better about the new things…and they were better…I wasn’t even sore after…YEAH!!! I did a bit on the treadmill and left to head to see DIVA.

I stopped at Michaels Craft Store and purchased with the handy 40% coupon…a fiskars green craft drill aka the Donna Downey “Green Penis” drill….SO I’m all really for her class in January. YEAH! I then headed to Subway and got both DIVA and me a turkey bacon wrap…YUMMO! And then it was time….

We were cracking up so much during Grey’s Anatomy…when Izzy and Alex were talking in the 3rd person. WE were cracking up….Then it was time to head home….

Thursday, November 16, 2006

No weezing the ju-uice

Wednesday….hump day. I was thankfully NOT sore after my intense workout with MM. Thank you!!! Had a strange day at work. IT was one of those days were it seemed to last forever, you worked hard and fast…and only 45 minutes went by…WTF??? Anyways…..I decided to go shopping instead of sitting in traffic forever on the way home. I stopped at the sprint store and found out some info…about upgrading my phone and adding pops to my contract. Hummm…could be interesting…or not…lol! SO then I decided to take the plunge and look for some better fitting clothes. UGH…okay so I found a few things….some too small, some too big, some too short, some too long. UGH….for the love of PETE!…anyways….I purchased a bathrobe and nightgown…and felt happy with those…but was a tad bit discouraged. Then I headed to get a inexpensive pair of shoes for work till I found the pair I wanted. AND then I started feeling worse about my shopping experience.

UGH…I hate that. I wanted Ice cream, I wanted chocolate and candybars…UGH….all I had in the car was flippin water. UGH…SO I made a beeline to 7-11 to get a dt pop. And there it was….the slurpee machine. OH thank Heaven….a slurpee machine….and low and behold….a crystal light slurpee…YEAH…SO I took the plunge and got a med size slurpee…it was Rasberry Lemonade – YUMMO….so I paid cash, got in the car…and then enjoyed…I started heading towards home and it hit me…the guilt. I didn’t know how many calories, how many carbs…but I didn’t care. I tried rationalizing it….this is better than… fill in the blank with any goodie …lol….as soon as I got home….after fully enjoying my crystal lite slurpee, grabbed my bags and headed upstairs, I dropped everything in the hallway and headed to the computer… here I go…..and to my complete surprise and much giddiness….the 12oz slurpee was only 45 calories…and 9 carb grams…YEAH!! Thank you lord!!!

SO I hunkered down, made a turkey patty and watched DAYBREAK…and finally drifted off to sleep.

Can You FEEL the BURN????

Tuesday….MM day….YEAH! Had a great day at work. A rocking day….and it just flew on by. I wore the dress that everyone comments on….let’s see I got a HOT…wahooo!!! But it was time to get down to business….man o man…did he work me….I felt pain and joy all at the same time. I made a few giant leaps…and it was pretty awesome. I however, felt it…once I got into the car. I was sooo sore. OMG…help me sweet jesus….so what did I do….I went shopping. LOL…I got a bag I had wanted to get, I have one for my stamp stuff, but wanted one for my jewelry stuff on the go…so I got it. Why not?? I’ll use it. I then stopped at Heaven…okay for you new readers…Starbucks…and got an iced unsweetened ice tea….and then headed home. Barely made it up the stairs…but I did…I cursed Dave’s name from the 3rd flight up. Damnit Dave!!! Made dinner…and totally crashed.

Its a blustery day...pooh bear

A Stormy Monday. “B” called and said he couldn’t ‘pool’ I wasn’t surprised…disappointed yes. Surprised no. Traffic was terrible. A section of town was shut down because of an accident overnight were a police officer was killed. Very tragic. I finally made it to work. Had a fairly good day. I purchased a few things that I had been wanting too….but have been entirely too broke to do so. THANK YOU IRS for my refund check….most of it is going to savings…but I am allowing myself to spend some of it for things that I need and a few things that I want. For instance, renewing my Sam’s Club membership…yep $40 wisely spent…I signed up for a few classes…2 in January with Donna Downey in Portland…YEAH…and one online at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I am really excited about all of them. The coolest thing is, I emailed Donna and she actually replied. Again, she is my hero…lol. I also ordered 2 books I had been wanting to get…and let’s see what else….oh yeah. A stamp pad rack/ribbon holder. I really need this…its all about organization…and I am NOT SO MUCH…lol….well hopefully soon. AND I got an EMAIL from BECKS! MY Wonderful 1st Official Trainer. Gosh I miss her, but getting an email was like GOLD!

A day of rest???

It felt good to get up and get ready for Church. I got to church and it started to rain. What’s new about the rain. The service was good…and then afterwards….was the best. Ronda and Lydia went down to get the kids….the kids walked up the stairs by themselves it was sooo cute.

I then headed to Sam’s Club to get stuff I needed…good stuff…and then I headed home. I made a couple of trips upstairs and then just relaxed for a bit, before heading to the “rents” for dinner. When I got there the flamingo was dressed in a rain slicker…ha ha ha snort how appropriate….we had a great dinner and then back home in the rain.

Its all about the contract...

It’s 6:45AM on a Saturday…Do you know where your dad is?? Yep, I sure do…at the track. SO I got up…and got ready…man o man was it early. I didn’t feel to hip…but I powered thru it…and made it to the track. We did our walk…and it was cold, but dry and windy. When we were done, pops headed to work, and I thought, I’ll go do my errands, why not?? I’m up, but as I started to head downtown, I thought I was gonna hurl. Yes hurl. UGH….so I turned back round and headed home. I made it upstairs, tried to hurl, with NO avail…ugh…and still felt crappy. I grabbed a fresca and hit the couch…figured that might make me feel better.

After napping for a couple of hours, I got up and got ready to head downtown. I felt much better…apparently I burped the ickiness out…great…lol. I got to the floral supply place and picked up a few things….and then off to the apartment supply store. I got what I needed…and actually found a parking spot in front. UGH..Okay I confess, I had to go round 3 times…but they are doing construction and had the parking lot tore up, and I needed to get flourecent bulbs…and really didn’t want to drop those, so I was willing to wait for a good close spot. Got home and got settled again. I made a list of things to get at Sam’s club on Sunday after church. AND then…it was time…

Time for the walk after work with pops. We only did 2 laps as I had been running around all day, several trips up and down the stairs, even to the basement…and so we called it good. I went and got some groceries at QFC and then headed home for dinner and a relaxing evening.

A little bit of Heaven

Friday…seemed to last forever. Finally…the day ended. It had been a week…and the traffic sucked….I headed home….it was supposed to be raining all weekend…or most of it. – What’s new??? LOL…anyways I stopped at a few places and then up the stairs I went….huddled down for the night…and got ready to be up to meet pops at 6:45 for our walk….eeeks. HOW could I almost forget the MOST IMPORTANT THING….I went for sushi for lunch…and wrote it down in my book….and for my weekly treat…I got a latte…a little bit of heaven…yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

My favorite day of the week....

Ah Thursday….yeah it’s here finally. Had a typical day at work….then I headed off to see Dave aka MM…he totally switched up my routine….what’s that all ‘bout??? LOL…and then….I headed over to Issaquah….to go to Subway…got a wrap for me and a sub for DIVA….then over to the Villa….and we watched our shows. I just love spending good quality time with her. I love how our friendship has blossomed. And then…it was home in the dark, dreary weather….

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My happiness today....

I was reminded that I hadn’t posted about something….

On Sunday, I was talking to Momma (Char) and we came up with telling each other everyday (at the end of the day) what we were happy for. SO…I tried to tell her on Monday, but we kept getting cut off, so I posted it on her blog on Tuesday morning.

SO….here is what I’m happy for…I’ll try and include it in my blog postings…

Monday – I’m happy Char’s my Momma (My Other Mom)
Tuesday – I’m happy it stopped raining

So – I’ll have to post what I’m happy for today, after I talk to Momma later on.


Did You Hear That????

That sream??? That was those muscles I didn't know I had...*snort*

Tuesday….YEAH Finally! Traffic was a nightmare…it was raining still. The basement is still dry and the ceiling too…YEAH. Had a busy day at work. A little frustration, but powered thru it….and then…during my lunch break I headed to Michael’s to get some stretchy cord for bracelets…for Wednesday, I’m teaching Cindy and Marti how to make a little bling…so this will be class one. YEAH. SO I left work…it wasn’t raining..and as soon as I got parked – it started to pour. Of course it did. Where was Noah and his ark. LOL. Just my luck. Got what I needed, saw a couple of cute things I might get when I get a 40% off coupon…then back to work to man the phones. And that is a whole nother story…lol.

And then…it was….

Time to see MM. I headed on down to FT and when I got there the ultimate trainer was there - YEAH!! I chatted with him and told him all about my accomplishments from last Friday with my classes etc...and then it was time. All I have to say is WOW. I had a fantastic work out. He worked my muscles…lol…we did crunches the right way. Man oh man. We altered some of my weight-lifting…and my only reply to him was “What did ever do to you???” LOL…we had fun, and it just flew on by. But I must confess, he needs to change the music. Come on now....that was some BAD 80's rock hair well...

Headed home….made a little dinner, watched my two shows…and got my beading stuff ready for Wednesday. BOY was that hard to figure out what to bring. BUT I think I’ve got it all…and man oh man was that bag heavy. I can’t wait to spend time with Cindy and Marti…it will be fun!

Then it was time for the teeth trays….and off to bed….

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A NOT SO Manic Monday

Ugh, it’s still raining. Please oh please don’t let the basement flood and the roof leak….

I took a picture of the stairs today. I’ve decided my word of the day will be tasks. And my writing about it is as follows….”There are things that we must do each and everyday. Some good, some NOT SO MUCH. Some days I don’t even notice going up the 4 flights of stairs, others, it takes everything I have to reach the top. But once there, the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming.”

Had a typical case of the Mondays at work today. Traffic wasn’t too bad on the way home as the Seahawks were playing….and they won…yeah! I meet with a gal to show her the apartment, again….hopefully she’ll rent it.

I made a turkey burger again….so yummy….and I’m getting used to the taste, MM would be sooo proud…lol…and let’s see Oh yeah, I watched the Lakehouse. “V” and I went to see it this summer, but I wanted to watch it again, so I Blockbustered it…ha.

Tonight was Day 2 for the teeth whitening trays….I can’t wait til it’s all done.


Sunday, November 05, 2006


Tee hee.

I'm giddy. I used my teeth whitening trays today. Yeah. LOL....I am soooo happy. I know it will take up to 2 weeks to get the total effect...but it's sooo worth it! YEAH! I am sooo lucky to have WON this from FT for being client of the month. YEAH!!!

SO today it was raining all day long. I did go out and take a picture...yeah me....let's see i've got 40 more days to also went to the store and got a few more things.

I made an awesome dinner...again. I made a turkey burger and made the orzo pasta with tomatoes again. YUMMY. I packed my lunch for the next couple of days...and then hunkered down to watch a bit of tv.

I didn't do as much as I would have liked to this weekend...but hey thats okay. I did the main thing...dishes and grocery of course I went walking yesterday with pops.

I am feeling overall average bloodsugar for the last 7 days is 102 - yeah me!!!

Anyways...its stormy, cold and rainy...wishing "V" were here to cuddle with. As much as things have been going good since he has left and time has flown by...I really do miss him. There are sooo many times where just a hug would be wonderful. IF I don't think about it...I'm okay...but every once in a creeps up...and catches me off guard.

Well, time to sign off. Now just to remember to take a picture for Monday...and I need to start writing in my journal my feeling about that picture.


A time to reflect - a challenge if you wish

Saturday...I ended up sleeping in...after my "wake up" by the then I made breakfast and just kinda chilled. I then went out to go grocery was didn't want to get out of the I what I needed and then before heading home...decided to go to the beach.

I headed down to Golden Gardens...and watched the waves crash up onto the beach. The wind was howling and blowing...the leaves where swirling...I really though about the next 3 months with my new contract with working out with Dave and everything in between. I decided to do a challenge a project if you may. A picture a day. Didn't matter what it was of, but a picture a day, and journal about it in my notebook. Then at the end of the month - put it all an actual journal. And continue this thru my 3 month contract. Sweet. It will really help me to not only get in the habit of taking pictures...but journaling and it will re-enforce what I learned from Stacy the day before. Like I fill out my FT accountability journal...this is my personal journal. Sweet!

I headed home...talked to pops and we decided to go walk the track. It's in my contract 2x per week. was blustery....but we did it. AND I took a picture at night of the numbers on the track. Which is good. Picture done. I know what I am gonna do for the first 3 days....need to catch up....but I've figured out what the pictures will be..done...I'm excited. I gave pops the pumpkin bread to take home...yeah me!!! AND then I headed home. I made an amazing dinner. I cooked some skinless boneless chicken breast...and brocolli, a small salad, and then I sauteed some grape tomatoes with garlic and basil and tossed it with some orzo pasta...YUMMY.

Oh dearie me

Sorry I haven't blogged in a little while. I had a HUGE meltdown on Halloween...and it took me a bit to get over it. BUT I'll try and do a little bit of a recap to catch you all up. Since Tuesday, I have had some great moments. Some amazing things happen and all is good.

Tuesday - Halloween. UGH. We've had candy at the office since the 1st of October. I've been really okay with it. I haven't had any, haven't wanted any...and I mean there has been alot of candy in the lobby. MEME knows...ugh.....damn candy! Anyways...back to the meltdown. I'd been doing just fine candy is dead to me...and then, Halloween morning, I was in my pj's and heading to work...we had a pajama posse costume for all the sales assistants...I had to stop at Walgreen's and get some contact solution. I went it, got what I needed and I was at the register...I saw them. The HUGE bin full of movie sized boxes of Charleston Chews Mini's. What? I burst into tears, as I wanted them. What? Are You Kidding Me? UGH. I got my contact solution, went to the car...ugh. Sucks! Had fun at the office party...and to FT to my final workout with Becky. Sadness. I told her about my meltdown. She started to was true, it was pretty funny AFTER THE gave her the two bracelets I made, she loved them. I said my goodbyes gave her a big hug...and then headed home.

Wednesday - Life was pretty good. I survived my meltdown. I had a good and busy day at work. I headed home, was sorta late...but met pops to go walk the track. I did 3 laps around the track. YEAH! Pops gave me the pumpkin bread that sweet grandma made for me to take to my Portland trip on Saturday...and I went home...and got ready for Thursday and my session with Dave aka MM "Muscle Magician" and please don't confuse MM with!

Thursday - Let a new day begin...I had a very busy day at work. As I had to get a ton of stuff done before taking Friday off. Powered thru it. I headed to my session with Dave. I brought my "A" game even though I was exhausted from kickin butt at work getting a ton of stuff done and getting a flu shot at the end. I felt a little off after the shot, but I headed to FT - traffic sucked got there and then...let the games begin. LOL. I got my contract. AND we did it...Dave worked that!!! My muscles were screaming...way to go MM! Afterwards, I headed to DIVA's and stopped and got us Subway. We watched Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy and then, I headed back to the office, to finish my reports etc. I got home around 1am. EEKS.

Friday - Slept in, and got up, and started to get ready for my day. I was going to Creating Keepsakes Convention...yeah!!! I stopped and got my tall non fat, sugar free hazelnut latte of the week....It was soooo awesome treat - it's all about the contract. LOL....It was raining...pouring....and I have sooo much stuff to do...eeks...power thru it...come on now. SO there was NO parking anywhere near Maydenbauer was pouring....So I parked like 5 blocks away...okay maybe 4 but still....a far far ways away. And the killer was the price was the same for parking at the Center..UGH. I got out and headed to go check in. I got to my first class about 20 minutes late...but I got in, and got the kit...and the 10 hints. I didn't put my kit I didn't actually have a seat at a table...but I did have a seat at the back. The class ended and out I went to wait for the Backstage Party with Stacy Jillian. As I was waiting...I meet this very nice gal and we talked and I gave her my card...hopefully she will contact me. The party started...we got tones of stuff. We each got Stacy's book and a huge package filled with lots of goodies and product. Way more than we paid for the class. There was about $50 worth of stuff or more...and the class was $25...YEAH. Anyways....I totally got it now about scrapbooking...I have no can be done. That has been my challenge with it...I'm so used to doing cards etc...and books for other I get The party was over and we headed get Stacy's autograph. I waited in line for about 35 minutes. Yeah me...I never wait in line...ever....I got to talk to Stacy. It was sooo cool, she signed my book...and I did get a picture with her...not a great one...but it proves I waited in line. AND that in itself is a huge step. Then I headed home. We all decided because of the weather NOT to go to Portland. Yeah!! I'm glad actually...just too busy to do that right now...and I showed the apartment a couple of times...then off to bed. I totally crashed. Until. The. Buzzer. Buzzed. UGH. It was 2AM. My neighbor the Cute Canadian... locked himself out on his deck. UGH. SO after getting dressed and heading downstairs to let his buddies in, and then to open his apartment and deck door...he was sooo toasty drunk. LOL...oh well....back to bed...