Monday, March 01, 2010


Well my mommy has had a few requests to update her blog, but she's been really really busy. SO I decided I would "help".

I've been having lots of fun while mommy is at work. I have a new game. I jump from the headboard to the middle of the bed and then I jump up onto the footboard and jump to the middle of the bed and keep doing it over and over and over again. I really like to do this when mommy is still sleeping, it wakes her up....meow....

Mommy has been leaving not only the living room shade up but the dining room shade as well, so I can look out onto the street and see all the people walking by. I also see racoons...eeewwww and then there is this white and black cat that sits on sidewalk and looks up at me in the window.

Lately Tony who cleans the apartment building for mommy has been bringing his son Ben who is five. Ben likes to play with me....and boy does he wear me out. Last time he came and played with me he gave me soooo many treats that I think I went into carb overload and was extra tired. Mommy was so nice to me when she got home and saw how tired I was. She carried me everywhere...boy is she a good mommy.

Today Emil the handyman came to fix mommy's bathroom fan. Emil is really nice. I helped Emil. He was using one of mommy's chairs to stand on to fix the fan. When he got down, I jumped onto the chair to keep it warm while he was gone...then when it was time for Emil to get back on the chair I would just meow...and Emil would pick me up and put me on the floor...and we played this game for a couple of times.

Anyways.....oh and exciting news....grandma and grandpa are gonna come down for dinner again...boy will I be spoiled again. Grandma gives mommy a can of tuna fish for me everytime she goes to visit and grandpa gave mommy a can of cat food last time...boy am I a spoiled girl.

Well mommy needs to make lunch for work tomorrow, so I guess I should go help her...and then its time for bed. I love sleeping on mommy's new comforter it is sooo pretty and soft and warm.