Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi Ho Hi Ho off to work I go….

LOL….that seems fitting considering all the things I had done before I left for Heathers. I got up, did 2 loads of laundry, vacuumed, made breakfast, worked out, went grocery shopping, stopped at Walgreen’s went to blockbuster, prepped all the stuff for turkey tacos including cooking the turkey. AND I even took a shower, and got ready ha ha snort…I left around 11:45…and Blockbuster didn’t have any of the movies I wanted….so off I went to fill the car with gas. I was on the road by Noon.

Had a totally awesome time/blast at Heather’s – it was sooooo good to see everyone. We all exchanged cards, I’ve posted them below with titles of who did what… and we made a cool card keeper tin, with tabs inside to sort cards by. I haven’t finished mine, but you will get the idea..

After Heather’s I headed up to Mom and Dad’s. Made good time, got up to Everett and stopped at TJ’s (Trader Joe’s) got a few things and then stopped at good ole Blockbuster. Got the Queen, and then headed to the ‘rents’.

We had a great time, dinner was well received, did the dishes and watched part of the movie. Headed home. Traded voicemails with MM…lol… too funny!

Got home and totally crashed….I know - I know…I lead the life of an exciting singleton…snort!

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