Friday, October 19, 2007

The best day EVER!

WOWZA....Thursday - a day that will definately be remembered and talked about for a long long time.

It all started with the first BIG wind storm....and then the rain...and being stuck in traffic. I arrived at work and started working on reports. I called Wes to check in and see what he had planned. SO the plan was for him to do a bit of sightseeing, come to the office, get a tour, chit chat and then go to lunch at Applebee's then back to the airport.

I hooked him up with a few places to go to in Fremont...but because the weather was well hello I live in Seattle...and when storms are a brew - traffic suckz!!!! he skipped them and came straight to the office.

WHAT AN AMAZING GUY WES IS!!! I had such a great time just hanging out...and just talking about all sorts of things!!!

Later I headed to the airport to drop off my co-worker Reider (yes he's a dj) it was good to spend some out of the office time with Eric and thank goodness I took him to the airport, cuz if he would have driven he would have missed his flight....yeah carpool lane. On the way back, I got totally stuck in traffic jam so I decided to bail and head over to FT to see Jessica (HI JESSICA!!!!) and give her a drive by was soo good to see her, I miss working out with her around....I miss FT...but I Puffy Heart Rico and his studio...

Anyways back to the office I went and hung out for a bit and then it was time to see MeMe...yeah!!! We went to Applebee's....hummm this seems to be a trend today...we laughed and caught up and just had a great visit....then it was head home.

So I offered up some goodies to the first person who identified the "Celebrity" who was going to visit me....and CINDY you shoot me an email with you snail mail addy and I'll drop some goodies into the mail to you.
I am posting a picture that I took of Wes at the studio on his camera (Wes I stole it from your blog) my camera is acting up and I can't get the photo I took off of it...ugh!!!!!!


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