Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Somethings are better left unsaid...

I recieved this very beautiful arrangement of flowers from someone (lets call him frank) in my past. Now this person and I used to be involved way back when I worked at KISS. We had our good times and bad times....and finally it was over...and then I moved over here to Sandusky land.

When I started at Sandusky, I met Jim. And that was that til 3 years ago - and that is a whole nother blog waiting to's focus 3 years ago when I was in the hospital and near death, I called a few people to say goodbye too...and I called frank to say what apparently I needed to set the peace in my heart..and we talked and were most friendly. SO on and off and on...we have talked - I can honestly say we have remained friends. Well, since then I have been involved or he was...and when I finally had the guts to say hey lets try this again, he had gotten married. SO I never told him. Well most recently, the last several months we have started talking again.

Bad Chan, bad chan - just for good measure. So we've been talking - "V" has been out of town. NO I haven't seen him. Not that I haven't wanted to. And he has wanted to also. But he's married, and I told him I wouldn't even think about it until he was divorced. He's not really happy...etc etc etc. Well our conversations have got a little sauzy lately. Nothing bad, just harmless flirting....but I have to admit that if "V" wasn't in the picture and Frank was single, I am sure we would have gotten together for at least coffee by this see if the sparks are still there or has been very down, and our conversations have really cheered him up....apparently I am good for sumething!!! Anyways, he sent me this lovely flower arrangement for Christmas...and I feel bad, bad that I enjoy talking to him, bad that it might be hurting his wife, I've told "V" - and "V" actually knows him....and thinks its good that we have become friends again....what the??? lol...but what is a girl to do???

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