Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm late I'm late...well more like still bee-hind

It occured to me that I am still one week behind in my blogging stories. I am bound and determined to get caught up and stay caught up.

I am sitting here typing away and listening to the wind howl. A week ago I was getting ready to go see my nephews on NYE in Bremerton. I had planned on going after church and spending some time with them. I knew they would be with my sil parents and all the cousins..BUT it didn't matter. It was all about the nephews.

I had a pretty typical day, nothing too special and then I headed out with a few friends to go see The Holiday. We had a good time, and then I headed home. I had been trying to convince my father to go with me to go see the boys. He kept hymming and was driving me crazy he couldn't or wouldn't make up his mind and kept telling me to call him later - I drifted off to sleep...

I got up early on Sunday, got ready for church, packed a day bag and headed out the door. I called pops from the car and he was well I don't me after church. What the??? So I continued to church. The service was very lovely and then...back out to the car. I had a message from pops....don't go yet, hang on, I'm taking your mom shopping...I'll call you when I get home. Okay that was an hour or so earlier....what the?

So I haded out and went to fill up the car with gas and started to head to Starbucks and then he called. He was sooo grumpy and said where do you want to meet??? And so forth and so on and back and forth and grumpy ness insuded. Anyways....I basically said I'll come get you...and he hung up on me. Whatever. Anyways, I got him and he didn't talk to me til about seattle...what the??? Anyways....we had a good trip over to Bremerton.

We got to our destination and then we hoped back in the car to go pick up the kids. After a little bit, we all decided to head back. So Bee-rom said can I have your I handed them to him and the next thing I knew...he was in the front seat and driving

We had a fantastic time. It was so good to see the boys again...and to see them be themselves...they are a little held back when they are at my parents house.

The highlight....was Bee-rom not only playing but singing to me "what would you say" by DMB. My heart just floated far far away....

So it was time to leave and pops and I headed out...back to everett...dropped him off and then I headed back home. It was a pretty silent evening....watched the fireworks....prayed about the upcoming year....reflected back to what was...3 years ago and am bound and determined to continue forward.

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