Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Are You Kidding Me????

Okay it’s Monday. Back to the grind. “B” is in da house in the poolin category – we stopped at heaven, still a no go for me…I’m being good, or trying to be. Harrumph…So we get to work, tons of stuff, projects and all the sort of stuff that happens on a Monday. So here we go again…..glad I packed my lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I started to sort thru my a picture a day for 90 days project. I still am compiling pictures…I have what like 22 days to go….and then…tada! I’ll be done. I’m really glad I have been journaling while I’ve been going….as it’s a big project. The good thing is that my camera program takes all the pictures and sizes them for you…sweet…so that should be easy to do…so the major part after all the paper is cut will be writing the “word” and then what I felt that day…but it will be a kewl project when I am done. I am actually thinking of doing it again, we will see. IF MM gives me another contract – then I must take the challenge and not only do that – but the picture a day. Then I can work on my All about me journal for my 38th bday.

WOWZA…I’m gonna be 38 in April. What the??? LOL….My purpose on purchasing the All About Me kit was to chronicle where I was at when I turned 38th. I think it will be a good time. I might even take the day off of work to just work on it or – I also had thought about attending an all day Crop at the Bee’s Knee’s on the 14th…sounds like fun – we’ll see…BUT I want to do it and get it done.

I have lots of fun things classes etc coming up and I can’t wait. I’m really excited about my upcoming classes the weekend of the 20th. My tee shirt came today…and I’m wearing it already…okay under my sherpa sweater – but I’m wearing it!!!

Finally the day came to an end….thank you…what a freakin day…the traffic was not so bad on the way home….had to run when I got home and okay smarty go to a party, lol anyways….so I didn’t take care of the phone books that are in the lobby again…for the love of pete – stop delivering like 40 sets…every month…UGH!!!! Anyways, I got a few things done (not much) then talked to “V” and headed to sleep….

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