Thursday, January 11, 2007

To oblique or not that is the painful question

So after a leisurely morning...and waiting for the ice to melt...I headed into the office. The drive wasn't so terrible and then I attempted to make it up the hillllll...alll icey and icky. I made it up part way and decided to sneak into a lower parking garage that I knew I would be able to make it out of .....sweet!

I headed up to the office and got what needed to be done. Hardly anyone was there. I was glad I made it in even though a snow day would have been nice...but hey it's all about doing what's right. They closed the office at 3:30 and I had called to see if I could move my MM time up to I went in and we worked my Obliques like no other. Those side to side then regular crunches just kick my butt...eeeks....anyways we had a nice chat after and I hit the RB before heading home. Yes home....I know its normally a diva tv night...but the hill to the villa is all snowed off to home I went.

Well its almost Grey's time....

peace out!

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