Friday, January 26, 2007

Gamsol Rocks!

Okay so all day yesterday my blood sugar was running low. What the??? Was busy doing things, and then it was time to stamp with Cyn at lunch.

I of course, had most of my stuff, but not all. I needed to get some paper to work on my cards for the Valentine's Day Swap with the StampNPaws TAC angel group. I just need to make 4 cards for the swap, but I always make one for a sample, and then I thought I would make one for Jessica who is a friend of Heather's that invited me to a candle party. And then...well I have a friend or two that could use a little pick me I'll make a card or two to send for them. BUT - I figured out my card would have thought?? I used cardstock from work in obnoxious colors BUT I actually did the Gamsol Prisma pencil technique. I am totally hooked! I love the softness of it, how it just flows so nicely.

So I finished up with work...and my bloodsugar was I totally drank my entire protein drink and then headed to workout with MM.

MM beat me up, he worked me hard, and I delivered. WOW...what an intense workout. I was sooo beat afterwards...I could only barely manage 10 minutes on the treadmill afterwards. I grabbed a banana and headed to the Issy.

I started to feel a bit better, so I headed to go get my paper at Mad Scrapper and then went to Michaels to see about some ribbon. I also found a little something to alter for Heather at work, for her babyshower. Sweet. I then headed to Subway and grabbed a wrap.

I called "B" and bailed on carpool...I couldn't even imagine going home at that I headed to the Villa - got there, ate my wrap and started to feel a bit better. I did a load of laundry (love the washer and dryer right out side the door) and then curled up with the Diva kitty and watched Grey's.

It has been a strange week for me, but a good one. I am so glad I can help DIVA by taking care of the Diva Kitty...and it has been a good break for me from the apt building.

I got up and got ready this morning, I decided I would go home tonight, grab a few things, and then head back out to the Villa, spend the night...and then go to Jessica's in the AM, and afterwards, stop at the Villa, do a little cleaning and then head home for good. DIVA will be back Sunday afternoon...and that way, everything will be done, clean, and I won't have to worry about rushing Sunday morning to church.

I'll post the cards as soon as they are done!


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