Thursday, January 11, 2007

Slip Sliding Away....

SO...thank you for those of you who were concerned as to weather or I made it home. Yep I sure did. Barely.

So here's the story of HOW I made it out of the garage. Basically, the awesome building management engineer guys put de-icer on the hill out of the drive....and it had melted some, so there was a bit of pavement showing....

SO I got a running start and as I was cresting the hill I gave it one last punch of gas...and up and over the hump I went....then it was omg....low gear low gear....tap tap on the brake thank goodness for those huge speedbumps...I made it down to the light and took a right up to Eastgage as from where I was to I-90 it was bumper to I took the other route...and was lucky to follow a sand truck - yeah sand truck. SO I stopped at the Shell station to fill up and then to the freeway we go oh oh I made it home...yeah home. Then it started to snow again.

I was sooo happy to be home. I was home by I did a few calls, a few emails...and then off to sleep i went.


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