Friday, January 19, 2007

A week just melted away with the rain...


So I just realized that I haven't blogged about anything that has happened, exciting or not since Saturday's creative block statement.


Okay so let's get everyone caught up.

Good things are to come. Promise.

Sunday...went to church, and then headed out to Sam's club. Got my good stuff and then headed to Issaquah. Where I was on a quest.

So here's the missing link, see Saturday night I had gotten an email from a blog friend that I should go to Target and pick up their $1 tin container shaped like a mailbox. It even has a flag. They are with the valentines day white and red...she says. Me....what the??? How could I have missed these? I was just at Target the other day. Mercy me.

SO after I get over my complete shock of how did I miss these gems....I go into search mode. ala MUST acquire mode...... I log back onto the puter...and start searching to find all the local Targets and get their numbers. I call North, South, East and West....FINALLY....I found a few in Issaqauh and they would be MOST happy to hold them for me. I felt that I was on some sort of quest - for the holy part one of the quest was complete.

Now to part two....after Sam's club I had to make a decision. Do I go home, and unload the stuff or do I go to Target get the grail and then head home unload and then go to the "rents" Well it was really cold, so I thought....let's go...get the off I went to Issaquah. As I approached Issaquah...the roads were getting worse. No mind you....we had snow the other day...and then a BIG FREEZE...and this is Jesse if you are from here you got that one...if sad too bad....anyways...back to the I made it...whew...and then I had them...YEAH!!!!!!!!

Now back to the car...back home and to lugg everything upstairs and put it away....ugh...nap time for like 15 minutes then off to the "rents" and then the best thing EVER.....



Rock on!


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