Saturday, January 20, 2007

Its Time to GO.....Portland or BUST here we go oh oh oh

Friday after work I headed off to first meet my customer Tammy....hi Tammy!!! Well traffic just plain suxed. I called her and explained the situation and she said that I could stop by later so I'm heading there on Sunday...and will show her what I made with Donna!!

I made it to church at 6:50....yes traffic really suxed....and after finding a spot to park, I headed inside to meet up with Barb. So we started to chat about the group and what we wanted to do...etc etc etc....





UGH...but I got to know Barb and we are gonna meet the 3rd Friday of each month so now it is set!!!

SO it's time to go...

So long, farwell...


I'm sooooo excited!!!!

peace out

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