Monday, January 22, 2007

Taking a class from the rockstar of paper crafting!

WOW….yep that’s me and donna downey. YEAH donna! So here’s how the day played out…

I got up, did what needed to be done…and was ready to leave about 7am. I headed up to the Midas and stopped to see pops. He wanted to make sure my car was okay for the trip. Thanks pops! So there I was on the road at 7:35am…stopped to fuel up and then 1-5 BABY!!!

Made it to Portland in great time. Talked to a couple of people on the way down, including momma char! And I finally arrived. I drove around a bit…and it was sorta weird…I had been there before….and I knew where stuff was….then it hit me….Diamond Don….eeks…that is all that I needed…so as I was driving back up to Scrapbook Attack…I was him…his place is right on the road…and he was there. It was almost like a Sleepless in Seattle moment…but I was driving…wow…he has changed. But his smile is the same. He saw me. I know he did. He got into his truck and started to follow me.

I saw him pull out behind me, but I continued to head back to the store. I got there, parked talked to momma char and then grabbed my stuff and headed to the store. As I was crossing the road to the store…there he was. He stopped…and opened his window to talk to me. I told him I was there to take a couple of classes but I would be done around 4:30 – closer to 5 if he wanted to come back and talk. He said sure…he’d meet me at the coffee shoppe next door.
Whew…now to class….

I got there and there was Doralisa…Hiya DL! It was soo good to see a familiar face. I got my packets and headed downstairs. And there she was…the ROCKSTAR herself of papercrafting, donna downey!!!

Class started (the portfolio album see below), and wow…too much fun. She told the story of the nametags…and proceeded to give everyone a “new” name. Mine – Chaka as in Chaka Khan – love that…must tell Schwartzie at work since he always calls me Rama Chan…..I need this new name…lol….It was so funny to actually “sit” on my project to make the glue work….it was a funny sight to see everyone get up and sit on their album covers…

Donna total the story of the green drill….priceless – totally worth the drive down…and then…it was time to make the purse album. The company that makes the actually kit to this class has all the kits back ordered - so it was WING IT time…which actually was soo cool. I totally loved both projects and can’t wait to make them TAC friendly and possibly even teach a class or two!

Anyways….it was time to go…and donna graciously signed my drill (see below) and I got my picture taken….and that will be going into my picture a day journal that Stacy challenged me on…so then it was time to head out before running into Diamond Don…

I said goodbye to DoraLisa and her friends, we are gonna hook up at CK in Portland in March…and then I headed out to the car….

When I got to the car…I called momma char and then I was time to take off…..but nope…couldn’t Diamond Don was right there…knocking on my window….I’m not ready to blog about that yet….I will say that it went fine, and that I made it home after 9pm on Saturday evening….

But to sum up the donna downey experience – PRICELESS!

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