Saturday, December 30, 2006

What it's been a week already?

WOW....go figure, its been a week since I last blogged. WOW....where did the time go??

Some very cool things have happened this week, so I'll post those seperate because well, they deserve it.

Sunday Christmas eve - what a day. Got up and headed to church, and then up to make dinner an early dinner at that for the rents.

I made a seafood pesto pasta, with lobster, scallops and prawns - freaking awesome! We had a very nice relaxing early dinner and then I headed out to go to the candle light service at church. Amazing. Beautiful. Tears flowed.

I headed home and met back up with "V". We spent a very nice relaxing evening opening a few presents and discussed our future or lack there of. We finally drifted off to sleep.

Got up late Christmas morning, and opened gifts from people at the office....and then took "V" to the ferry to go see his mom an step brothers and sisters. I headed up to the "rents". Had a good time up at the "rents" opened presents, had a nice dinner then headed back, picked up "V" and headed home. We had a relaxing evening and watched a movie and fell off to sleep.

We got up on Tuesday and continued our talk about our future. "V" feels very threatened about my "new" life. How I've changed...he doesn't feel he fits into that mold of my life. I told him I am the same person, just healthier, he feels very aware of what he is doing and is wondering what I think when he does what he when he got smokin petes bbq and i had a subway wrap, little simple things like that. I told him it will all work out. He's not so convinced....we'll see. I'm sad and frustrated, I need my best friend and he's so worried about us. It rained all day, and then it was time to get ready. Ready for "V" to go to the airport and for me to get ready for my work out with MM. We headed to the car, and made a quick stop at the Jolly Rodger Bar to get a few beers for my brother. Said goodbye...and then headed to workout with MM.

Had a great workout....Ultimate trainer was was good to see and chat with him. When I got home, I really missed "V". I hope we can get thru his issues, I hope I can stay true to me and not "go" back...I've worked too hard to get here. Anyways....I headed off to sleep...the boys yes my nephews....would be at the "rents" in the morning.

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Humpfree said...

Heres' wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR Dfly and may it fetch you nothing but GOOD HEALTH and GOOD LUCK and GOOD FORTUNE> From the one who is now one year older and one year wiser. BIG HUG from across the pond