Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back to the GRIND

WOW…Thursday appeared like out of no-where I tell you. NO Freakin Where. What the? Okay so I managed to get to work, still feeling warm and fuzzy from all the nephew hugs and kisses. AND on top of cloud 9 after my doctors appointment - But oh no back to reality. I thought for sure I would be able to get some organizational stuff done around the office…with most of my account execs out. BUT OH NO…NOT ME…come on Chan…be realistic….don’t they always leave you with a pile of stuff when you are just about to go somewhere or are gone??

So pile of stuff. Ugh. Stuff. Stuff. Stuff. Drat. And not only that but the other 2 sales coordinators were out – so it was me covering! Drat. Double Drat!
Okay party…so after pulling reports and compiling them, and printing them. I was onto the stuff. I had this huge repeat after me H U G E project for Doug that needed to be created, approved and then made, 150 table tents…printed, cut, folded, scored, assembled with a penny to balance it – time…effort….work….so I got the mock up done by about 5pm..and the person was gone. SO I couldn’t get it approved. UGH….so I waited, and on Friday….that person didn’t show up in the office til after 12…What the??? I showed it to her…she approved it….and then I started working on it. And then…(insert dramatic music here)


And I was STILL WORKING – it was only 12:30 people.


I finished the project at 5:15….packed up all the table tents labeled them and placed them in the mailroom to be picked up on Sunday for the promotion on NYE. Then I headed home.

Traffic sucked, and I met Pops to go for a walk. Did only a couple laps around the track was feeling pretty icky…and was pissed…not the best time for me to walk. UGH. I suck!

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