Monday, January 29, 2007

All about the Heart-itude

SO where was I??

Oh yeah…Friday at work.

*SNORT* enough said…lol…

So flippin glad it was Friday!

SO I headed home after work. Traffic blew. Blew huge. Made it home, and did a few apartment manager things…ha ha ha…who me?? Apartment manager?? Lol…why yes! That's me!

DIVA called, she was having a rough day. I felt bad I wasn’t there to give her a big ole hug. Apparently the letter from the Diva Kitty to her Human (DIVA) was a hit! Sweet! I headed out, stopping at Joann’s to grab some ribbon And then…back to the VILLA.

It always amazes me as I am heading to the Villa, how relaxed I become. It’s like all the stresses of the day, life etc, just melt away as I turn up Wildwood. I just love that. It’s like going home. I got there…and lugged my crafty stuff inside.

I met up with the Diva Kitty, went and laid down on the bed, and we talked. Okay her mostly meowing…and me petting her. And then it was time to get to business.

I started to make my cards for my card swap. I used DCVW Match Makers white core paper in Pink #1, Pink #2 and Red #2, and used White Ultra Smooth Cardstock.. I stamped the image using Black Noir Palette and the Heart-itude set from The Angel Company. I used Prismacolor pencils and Gamsol to color the images. And then a little ribbon from JoAnne’s. I really liked how this card came out and will be using it for my valentine’s day card for my special group of people. Hope you like it!

After crafting for a bit, I headed to bed and the Diva Kitty curled up next to me….awe…just love that.

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