Thursday, January 04, 2007


Today is test result day. I am soooo very nervous. So nervous. I don’t want to disappoint myself or even more so MM. I know I can’t control my blood sugar. But man oh man….I want it to be the same or lower. Oh please oh please…sweet baby jesus…let it be a pinch lower.

I walked into the doctors office, checked in, my nervous were gonna crazy I tell ya. What the??? Okay….time to weigh in. Big breath….remember to breathe. WOWZA…down a total of 35 lbs. 30 of it since the Jazz Fest….yippee….Everything else was good too…and then….the Blood Sugar Results…..down from a 6.1 (normal person) to a 5.9!!! A 5 point freakin 9! Wahoo!

When I was done, I called MM…he was soooo sleepy. But happy. I talked to Becks and Ultimate and then headed to get a treat for me….my weekly latte! Yeah me! – I also bought MM a 6-pack of his favorite Winterale brew…I then headed to work.
After work I headed to do my workout with MM…and low and behold….he had me hold a 35lbs weight. What the??? Anyways….I feel like I’ve accomplished something…and I need to keep going….but today – Thursday – Dec 28th – A freakin Fantastic day!

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