Monday, January 29, 2007

Reinkers, Krylon, Alcohol and Cotton Balls OH MY!

So here it was Saturday morning! I awoke to the sounds of the birds. Yep those squawking birds – so much nicer than the loud siren noise of the ambulances, firetrucks, or the shrill of metro buses brakes. SO where was I? Oh yeah – totally snuggled in bed with a warm Diva kitty next to me. Nice. Now where was my man? Yeah – NO still – ugh…life can’t be perfect all the time. Anyways…So I got up, made a little breakfast and got ready to head to Jessica’s for a little candle party and stamping with Heather – yeah! I grabbed my swap cards (see previous post) and an extra one for Jessica! And off I went.

I was able to drive the back W900 highway all the way to Maple Valley – Sweet! I found Jessica’s place without any drama of counting speedbumps..etc!

What a fun time. Jessica and Heather’s friends are sooo nice. Mostly they were all from their church…and I was embraced into the fold. So nice. We went thru the Party Lite catalog and the speal and then it was time for a little light lunch. Sandwiches were laid out and everyone dove in…yummy! And then…it was time to stamp!!! Yeah!

Heather took out all her stuff and showed us what we were going to be making. Too fun and cute!

We made the card and matching little goodie filled can. Using the polished stone technique, with Glossy cardstock, rubbing alcohol, 3 colors of palette reinkers, and a Krylon Silver pen and a cotton ball. TOO much fun. We also used the heart-itude stamp set from The Angel Company, and the jewel tone shimmer chalk set with a matching Palette ink pad. Heather had cleverly opened the bottom of a spinach can and cleaned it out, taking the label off. We attached the paper and filled the can with chocolate and then put the bottom back on sealing it with Crystal Lacquer. And Tada….the finished project. I will be doing more using this polished stone technique. Thanks Heather!

I then headed out, back to the Villa, to do a little house cleaning and laundry etc….and then I decided to sit down and take a break…I got totally hooked on Top Chef on Bravo…man can Marcel rock the hair product…now I’m hooked and will have to watch the season finale on Wednesday. SO I was a cleaning, vacuuming and the Diva HATES the vacuum, sorry Diva Kitty! And then I totally crashed on the recliner….ugh…I woke about 11:30 and decided to stay and just slept on the recliner, cuz I had just changed the sheets and made DIVA’s bed….

Up and out I went at 7AM on Sunday….out to scrap the car of ice…load my stuff in and over the 1-90 back to Ballard….herc’d my stuff upstairs and then got ready for church….

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