Thursday, January 04, 2007


I just love being an auntie! So I’d indicated in one of my previous posts that I had some cool things happen that deserved their own posts…yes that was where we had left off…so oooh so long ago.

Let’s see…Nephew Day. Wednesday…exactly one week ago – today. WOW, has it really been a week already??? NO comments!!! Lol…okay I dare you to crack about my age…just go ahead…

Okay now to seriousness. My nephews…I got up early on Wednesday morning and proceeded to make lasagna. Yep, early in the am, I was up cooking….wahoo! I rock. I think the last time I made lasagna was when they were here last….almost 3 years ago…I made a few lower calorie choices, I used turkey meat instead of hamburger, and cottage cheese instead of ricotta….and wheat noodles….I made a HUGE pan…and got it all layered up and ready to go into the oven.

I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and then headed to clean up and take a shower and get ready to head up to the “rents” where my bro, sil and nephews were. It seemed to take 3 years to get there….and when I got there….I barely made it inside…when I was totally hugged by my LP. He just hugged and hugged and kissed and hugged me….it was soo good to see them. MAN oh Man how they have grown up!!!

We all got inside and had a great ketchup (lol) conversation….and then it was time to head to Chang’s Mongolian Grill. The boys just love that place and everytime they come to town…that is where we go.

So we all piled into 2 cars, I got the boys and br my sil went with the “rents” – we got to Chang’s and headed inside. We grabbed a place to sit and then headed to load our bowls up with all the goodies. The boys were crackin’ me up…they put a ton of Sherry in their bowls for flammage…those boys…lol….we had such a great time…lots of laughs…fun fun fun. After to boys finished 2 full plates, and ice cream, we headed back to the rents. We talked some more, LP and I played swipe…and had lots of laughs…then my pops brought out the olde rubix cube. Remember that??? LOL!

On a side note, I gave my brother b a Mountain tee shirt, and a few bottles of Jolly Rodger Christmas Ale….bonus points as the kewlst sister were scored…lol…hush now, I know I’m the only sister…but still!!!
Anyways, WE had a fantastic visit. I just love those boys! They ROCK. They are so creative. They are happy. They are life.

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