Thursday, January 25, 2007

LOVE IS - What I got!

So this week has been so out of my normal routine, BUT – I’m rocking it!

So where was I?? Oh yeah – work via Back Alley Salley! Love the short cut. Had a good day at the office….and then it was MM time! Sweet! So I headed down…and what a freakin’ workout – man oh man – you could certainly tell it had been 10 days since we did the normal routine…I was in pain – but good pain. I rocked it! I have to confess that MM gave me a pile of crap for wearing my big yellow tee shirt. He’s like – I thought you were gonna wear your NEW white one from the weekend class??? Huh? And so everytime I went to pull up the sleeves, he’s like bet you wouldn’t have to do that with the NEW one….Son of a &*()^…and I got a new book - wow - time flyies, anyways….after my workout… it was time to head back to the villa…

Got to the villa and the Diva kitty was waiting for me…we hung out, I did laundry, again, and made dinner. I packed up all my stuff and headed out about 10ish to go home. Got home and lugged everything upstairs…and back down 2 flights. (thanks GIP) and then finally inside. I pretty much left everything packed up, knowing I was just gonna pack it again. Drifted off to sleep…man was I beat – but in a good way.

Got up on Wed and was getting ready and then the phone rang….”B” was calling to tell me he couldn’t pool…son of a – so whatever….I just grabbed all my stuff and packed the car and off to work I went. Had an interesting day at work. I went to lunch with Cindy and got a call from Diamond Don. What the??? LOL…it was interesting to say the least. Towards the end of the day…I was almost freakin’ out – what am I gonna do about working out – I’ve been trying to hit the treadmill everyday – no treadmill at the VILLA…What a second…there’s a gym at the office building…So I left work and hit the gym. MAN oh MAN…I rocked it – 40 mins – did some bench presses and then I headed out. Went shopping for some fruit at Safeway – then headed to the villa. I got there and did a few crunches…and as I was just stretching my back the diva kitty jumped up on my tummy….totally freaked me….lol….too funny!

Watched a bit of tv and played with the diva kitty…and then off to bed. I so didn’t want to get up – but I did…and when I was leaving – there was tons of ice on my windshield…What the??? So out came the Kinko’s pre-paid card to scrap the windows…lol…then back alley salley…the to the office.

When I got to the office…my boss…bought donuts again…for the love of pete…but what the heck – I had a good breakfast – with grapes. And during lunch Cyn and I are gonna stamp!! Yeah!



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