Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The saga of catching up…continues….but I’m bound and determined to do it.

New Year’s Day was a day with the nephews, bro and sil at the “rents” and then it was so long farewell…and off they went. I was sooo happy to see them.

Now – back to normal life…whatever that is….lol!

SO it was Tuesday….the 2nd day of the New Year. A workout day. Back to Work Day. Stuck in Traffic Day. Nuff said. I do have to admit it is nice to be back on some sort of schedule….sorta…but I was kinda getting used to coming in late, no carpooling, no boss around….no account executives around…oh well…

Wednesday – it was poolin time with “B” and what fun we had. I avoided having a “treat” at heaven (starbucks), “B” was concerned said are you feeling okay??? LOL. But Oh well. LOL….anyways…work was good, got lots done, traffic sucked and then it was back home. I had been deciding on a word for me to concentrate on for the year. It was a challenge from Ali Edwards…after much debate, and thought, I chose the word ACHIEVE. SO that’s my word. Now let’s see if I can live up to it.

Thursday – back in the car again, driving, wasn’t feeling too hot hot hot….but I powered thru it. I made it okay…..I managed to finish the day…and then it was off to see MM. I thought I was okay…but as I got closer – not so much….oh well. He noticed right off the bat that I wasn’t in my “A” game mode….I did try. And then it was time to go see DIVA. I went to Michaels before heading to her place to get white letters to alter to spell achieve. Used a gift card – sweet…still not feeling too hot, but a bit better…stopped at Subway and got our dinner…and then off to DIVA’s. We had a great chat, she could tell I wasn’t on my game…we played with Dottie and then it was time to go. I had received a call from a tenant about being locked out. I called them told them I was on my way back…so they would wait at the bar down the street. Nice. Got home, let them in…and off to crash.

Friday came and went without too much stress. “B” and I pooled…work was okay…I was swamped. People are leaving….I ended up doing a ton of stuff that needed to be notarized…glad that’s done…and then it was time. Time to head home. Time to be stuck in the rain. UGH. Finally made it home around 7pm. Nice. Fixed some dinner, and settled in to watch Pirates of the Caribbean. I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t talk to “Frank” anymore since he sent me flowers. Obviously, he thinks there more there…and quite frankly – no pun intended…he’s married. I’m with “V” so that’s that. So I’ve been avoiding his calls. His emails, his text messages.

Got up Saturday and went to go a few errands. The Seahawks had a game and I wanted to be sure to watch it. I drove around, got my mandatory errands done, while I passed the stadium, I was shocked, okay not really to see that some of the parking was $Fity yes $50 dollars…what the??? Anyways….got it all done, and got home and was making a very late brunch…with scrambled eggs when the phone rang. A couple of friends called and said they were gonna be in town, at golden gardens and asked if I wanted to hook up. Hummm, a dog, a couple of kids, good friends, at my favorite place….SWEET….so off I went and we had lots of fun, did a bit of walking, talking, playing etc…and then the kids wanted to go to Ivars. Nice. SO we all headed over there…we talked while the kids were eating….and then it was time to say our goodbyes…and time for the football game.

The game…..all I can say is that I hope MM had a great time, I enjoyed the game, had a few laughs and glad that the Seahawks won, even if it was only by a wing and a prayer.

Sunday – the normal…church, errands, and the “rents” BUT I did talk to MeMe….yeah!!! It had been too long….and then I stopped at the store for a few things that I needed for lunch. I got home, brought everything upstairs, did the stupid GIP thing…ugh….and then I unpacked all the stuff, made a good lunch for Monday…and then it was time to drift off….

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