Monday, November 20, 2006


Thursday finally was here. I had a pretty good day at work. I’ve been feeling really good. Wasn’t sore…and in general. I am happy. YES I had a little “back to the old Chan” moment. I think it would be unrealistic to erase 18 years of bad habits/feelings in 4 months. Just saying.

Anyways….back to were we were. Thursday. It was a pretty fast day at work…yeah…and then time to get ready to see MM. I have been really good about filling out my book and I even put the “slurpee” in there. I’m not hiding it…I’ll take whatever MM dishes out. I got there….handed over my book and hit the treadmill. I even brought DMB to listen to…and MM let me play it….and well everyone else was happy I brought it – so there! HA

Anyways….MM gave me a little shit about the slurpee. I can understand his point…he doesn’t want me to get into the habit of getting em…but come on…I could have done so much worse. So we’ll just let that go…it’s not going to matter next week anyways. Snort I had a fabulous workout and felt much better about the new things…and they were better…I wasn’t even sore after…YEAH!!! I did a bit on the treadmill and left to head to see DIVA.

I stopped at Michaels Craft Store and purchased with the handy 40% coupon…a fiskars green craft drill aka the Donna Downey “Green Penis” drill….SO I’m all really for her class in January. YEAH! I then headed to Subway and got both DIVA and me a turkey bacon wrap…YUMMO! And then it was time….

We were cracking up so much during Grey’s Anatomy…when Izzy and Alex were talking in the 3rd person. WE were cracking up….Then it was time to head home….


Anonymous said...

I have passed something?

Anonymous said...

Here there's nothing to be done.