Monday, November 27, 2006


Saturday...what a day. I got up and got ready for my session with MM - was a great morning. I was feeling great...and I was being the rockstar that I am *snort* was was wearing my blue shades....ha ha workout was fabulous...and then I headed over to see DIVA at our special Gilman Village...Sweet Additions...we had an amazing brunch and a fantastic talk. AND was go see Becks.

WOW...I was excited and nervous all rolled into has been since halloween since I have seen her. I couldn't wait to see her...and see her new digs. I made it up to Woodinville to her FT location...and it was beautiful....simply Becky. We had a great talk...and it was sooo good to see her...this is a picture she took of us (she's on the right)....I'm putting it into my A picture a day for 90 days journal...yeah!!! I said goodbye...and then hit the road again.

I headed into Ballard where I was to meet "V" at Chinooks for an early dinner/very late lunch...ha ha...I just love going to Chinooks....and he really misses going there. I got there just as he arrived....and it was good to see him. I know I had seen him earlier that morning...but to just see our old haunts...took my breath away. He ordered way too much food...and I ordered the chop chop veggie salad. He's really surprised how my eating habits have changed...and is very apprehesive of doing the wrong thing around me. I simply told him...don't worry - do what you want and I'll figure it out...really.

He got me the most precious gifts....all with a dragonfly and coffee theme of course - my two favorites. One is a ceramic coffee jar with a pewter lid with a dragonfly and a pewter scoop with a dragonfly...and then a seperate coffee scoop with a dragonfly with a hook to hang on the wall...just love this man.

We had a great dinner...and then he went to go meet the guys for a game of pool and I went to go for my walk with pops....

Later....we met up again at my place...and it was like he had never left to go to NO...but we both knew that things had/have we shall see what comes next....

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