Thursday, November 16, 2006

Its a blustery day...pooh bear

A Stormy Monday. “B” called and said he couldn’t ‘pool’ I wasn’t surprised…disappointed yes. Surprised no. Traffic was terrible. A section of town was shut down because of an accident overnight were a police officer was killed. Very tragic. I finally made it to work. Had a fairly good day. I purchased a few things that I had been wanting too….but have been entirely too broke to do so. THANK YOU IRS for my refund check….most of it is going to savings…but I am allowing myself to spend some of it for things that I need and a few things that I want. For instance, renewing my Sam’s Club membership…yep $40 wisely spent…I signed up for a few classes…2 in January with Donna Downey in Portland…YEAH…and one online at Big Picture Scrapbooking. I am really excited about all of them. The coolest thing is, I emailed Donna and she actually replied. Again, she is my hero…lol. I also ordered 2 books I had been wanting to get…and let’s see what else….oh yeah. A stamp pad rack/ribbon holder. I really need this…its all about organization…and I am NOT SO MUCH…lol….well hopefully soon. AND I got an EMAIL from BECKS! MY Wonderful 1st Official Trainer. Gosh I miss her, but getting an email was like GOLD!

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