Sunday, November 05, 2006

A time to reflect - a challenge if you wish

Saturday...I ended up sleeping in...after my "wake up" by the then I made breakfast and just kinda chilled. I then went out to go grocery was didn't want to get out of the I what I needed and then before heading home...decided to go to the beach.

I headed down to Golden Gardens...and watched the waves crash up onto the beach. The wind was howling and blowing...the leaves where swirling...I really though about the next 3 months with my new contract with working out with Dave and everything in between. I decided to do a challenge a project if you may. A picture a day. Didn't matter what it was of, but a picture a day, and journal about it in my notebook. Then at the end of the month - put it all an actual journal. And continue this thru my 3 month contract. Sweet. It will really help me to not only get in the habit of taking pictures...but journaling and it will re-enforce what I learned from Stacy the day before. Like I fill out my FT accountability journal...this is my personal journal. Sweet!

I headed home...talked to pops and we decided to go walk the track. It's in my contract 2x per week. was blustery....but we did it. AND I took a picture at night of the numbers on the track. Which is good. Picture done. I know what I am gonna do for the first 3 days....need to catch up....but I've figured out what the pictures will be..done...I'm excited. I gave pops the pumpkin bread to take home...yeah me!!! AND then I headed home. I made an amazing dinner. I cooked some skinless boneless chicken breast...and brocolli, a small salad, and then I sauteed some grape tomatoes with garlic and basil and tossed it with some orzo pasta...YUMMY.

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