Friday, November 24, 2006

A MeMe Sighting...

Ah was here finally. Went to work, and was all ready to get my work done...and then off to pick up MeMe. I was working on a project for Doug and a few others. The day seemed to drag so slowly.

During lunch, Cindy and I went to work on crafty things. She needed help with a bracelet...and I needed to finish my Thanksgiving Cards...and mail them....eeeks....well okay a day or two late in the mailing...but heck it is the thought, right? Anyways....then the afternoon....just flew then it was time to leave to go get MeMe.

The traffic was horrible....I got to the airport as MeMe was getting her bags...and then a little drive around...and then there she was. much has changed for both of us. She looked fabu...and she noticed a difference in we went to Azteca for dinner.

We had a great dinner and a fantastic talk/time. It really amazes me how without even knowing it before that our relationship has grown. Maybe we have grown. I don't know...maybe it is the time away. I don't know for sure. All I know is that I feel our relationship has grown, has matured. I feel closer to MeMe that I did when she was here working. Maybe we have grown, maybe we are in a difference place in our lives. Maybe we took advantage of the fact that the other was always there...maybe I had - not sure... but I know that I am glad for our friendship.

We then headed up to Marysville, to meet MeMe's mom and our talk continued - it was amazing, that's all I can really say about it. While we were waiting, a van randomly drove into the parking lot and drove over the they were driving over it...a passenger inside the van proclaimed..."DUDE, You can't do that" to which MeMe and I busted up laughing....
so blog

Anyways.....MeMe's mom showed up, we said our goodbyes...and off we went...

To sum it up...a fantastic evening...with an amazing friend....excellent!

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