Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A NOT SO Manic Monday

Ugh, it’s still raining. Please oh please don’t let the basement flood and the roof leak….

I took a picture of the stairs today. I’ve decided my word of the day will be tasks. And my writing about it is as follows….”There are things that we must do each and everyday. Some good, some NOT SO MUCH. Some days I don’t even notice going up the 4 flights of stairs, others, it takes everything I have to reach the top. But once there, the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming.”

Had a typical case of the Mondays at work today. Traffic wasn’t too bad on the way home as the Seahawks were playing….and they won…yeah! I meet with a gal to show her the apartment, again….hopefully she’ll rent it.

I made a turkey burger again….so yummy….and I’m getting used to the taste, MM would be sooo proud…lol…and let’s see Oh yeah, I watched the Lakehouse. “V” and I went to see it this summer, but I wanted to watch it again, so I Blockbustered it…ha.

Tonight was Day 2 for the teeth whitening trays….I can’t wait til it’s all done.


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