Sunday, November 05, 2006

Oh dearie me

Sorry I haven't blogged in a little while. I had a HUGE meltdown on Halloween...and it took me a bit to get over it. BUT I'll try and do a little bit of a recap to catch you all up. Since Tuesday, I have had some great moments. Some amazing things happen and all is good.

Tuesday - Halloween. UGH. We've had candy at the office since the 1st of October. I've been really okay with it. I haven't had any, haven't wanted any...and I mean there has been alot of candy in the lobby. MEME knows...ugh.....damn candy! Anyways...back to the meltdown. I'd been doing just fine candy is dead to me...and then, Halloween morning, I was in my pj's and heading to work...we had a pajama posse costume for all the sales assistants...I had to stop at Walgreen's and get some contact solution. I went it, got what I needed and I was at the register...I saw them. The HUGE bin full of movie sized boxes of Charleston Chews Mini's. What? I burst into tears, as I wanted them. What? Are You Kidding Me? UGH. I got my contact solution, went to the car...ugh. Sucks! Had fun at the office party...and to FT to my final workout with Becky. Sadness. I told her about my meltdown. She started to was true, it was pretty funny AFTER THE gave her the two bracelets I made, she loved them. I said my goodbyes gave her a big hug...and then headed home.

Wednesday - Life was pretty good. I survived my meltdown. I had a good and busy day at work. I headed home, was sorta late...but met pops to go walk the track. I did 3 laps around the track. YEAH! Pops gave me the pumpkin bread that sweet grandma made for me to take to my Portland trip on Saturday...and I went home...and got ready for Thursday and my session with Dave aka MM "Muscle Magician" and please don't confuse MM with!

Thursday - Let a new day begin...I had a very busy day at work. As I had to get a ton of stuff done before taking Friday off. Powered thru it. I headed to my session with Dave. I brought my "A" game even though I was exhausted from kickin butt at work getting a ton of stuff done and getting a flu shot at the end. I felt a little off after the shot, but I headed to FT - traffic sucked got there and then...let the games begin. LOL. I got my contract. AND we did it...Dave worked that!!! My muscles were screaming...way to go MM! Afterwards, I headed to DIVA's and stopped and got us Subway. We watched Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy and then, I headed back to the office, to finish my reports etc. I got home around 1am. EEKS.

Friday - Slept in, and got up, and started to get ready for my day. I was going to Creating Keepsakes Convention...yeah!!! I stopped and got my tall non fat, sugar free hazelnut latte of the week....It was soooo awesome treat - it's all about the contract. LOL....It was raining...pouring....and I have sooo much stuff to do...eeks...power thru it...come on now. SO there was NO parking anywhere near Maydenbauer was pouring....So I parked like 5 blocks away...okay maybe 4 but still....a far far ways away. And the killer was the price was the same for parking at the Center..UGH. I got out and headed to go check in. I got to my first class about 20 minutes late...but I got in, and got the kit...and the 10 hints. I didn't put my kit I didn't actually have a seat at a table...but I did have a seat at the back. The class ended and out I went to wait for the Backstage Party with Stacy Jillian. As I was waiting...I meet this very nice gal and we talked and I gave her my card...hopefully she will contact me. The party started...we got tones of stuff. We each got Stacy's book and a huge package filled with lots of goodies and product. Way more than we paid for the class. There was about $50 worth of stuff or more...and the class was $25...YEAH. Anyways....I totally got it now about scrapbooking...I have no can be done. That has been my challenge with it...I'm so used to doing cards etc...and books for other I get The party was over and we headed get Stacy's autograph. I waited in line for about 35 minutes. Yeah me...I never wait in line...ever....I got to talk to Stacy. It was sooo cool, she signed my book...and I did get a picture with her...not a great one...but it proves I waited in line. AND that in itself is a huge step. Then I headed home. We all decided because of the weather NOT to go to Portland. Yeah!! I'm glad actually...just too busy to do that right now...and I showed the apartment a couple of times...then off to bed. I totally crashed. Until. The. Buzzer. Buzzed. UGH. It was 2AM. My neighbor the Cute Canadian... locked himself out on his deck. UGH. SO after getting dressed and heading downstairs to let his buddies in, and then to open his apartment and deck door...he was sooo toasty drunk. LOL...oh well....back to bed...

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