Friday, November 24, 2006

Hump Day...

Wednesday was here. "B" picked me up so we could "pool" and off to heaven we went. It was my turn to buy. AND I was ready for a little iced tea - we placed our order...and then...we got up to the window. Our favorite guy was there....YEAH....and so I played a little Thanksgiving song for him...he laughed...and gave us our drinks free...yeah!! So we headed off to work.....

Traffic wasn't too bad, and then at the office ho ho ho...we account execs had a meeting...and I went to work on reports. Doug had more of his project for me...and we needed to get er

There was tons of snack food -- everyone had brought it in to munch on during the day...and I avoided it...and was glad I had brought my own food...just for me...he he...

I called and actually talked to Becks....oh how I miss her. I told her everything MM was having me do...and we had a fantastic conversation. I am gonna go see her on Saturday, after my workout with MM and after meeting DIVA for brunch/lunch...and then to see Becks..YEAH I am sooo excited. I can't wait to see's been almost a I miss her.

The day just flew on by...and then.....well it was time...we were able to leave at 3pm...and so we headed home...and when I got home for whatever reason decided to take a nap. What a nap??? UGH...okay so I had a workout with MM scheduled for what I thought was at 6:30 I got up...and started to went to the car and decided to get some gas...and then off to FT....I was talking to Momma...and the phone was MM...where "are you he says" I tought my workout was at 7:45...ooops...actually I ended up being about 10 minutes late...I got my warmup done...and then we "kicked butt" and "took someones name" worked hard and fast with the time we did I get my butt then off to home I went.

I stopped at QFC and got some canned goods for church and a container of cottage cheese and ranch dry dressing so I could make my dip to take to the "rents" and a frozen I was beat - but needed to eat.

I made it home, made the dip, microwaved dinner...watched a show...and then drifted off to sleep.

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