Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Did You Hear That????

That sream??? That was those muscles I didn't know I had...*snort*

Tuesday….YEAH Finally! Traffic was a nightmare…it was raining still. The basement is still dry and the ceiling too…YEAH. Had a busy day at work. A little frustration, but powered thru it….and then…during my lunch break I headed to Michael’s to get some stretchy cord for bracelets…for Wednesday, I’m teaching Cindy and Marti how to make a little bling…so this will be class one. YEAH. SO I left work…it wasn’t raining..and as soon as I got parked – it started to pour. Of course it did. Where was Noah and his ark. LOL. Just my luck. Got what I needed, saw a couple of cute things I might get when I get a 40% off coupon…then back to work to man the phones. And that is a whole nother story…lol.

And then…it was….

Time to see MM. I headed on down to FT and when I got there the ultimate trainer was there - YEAH!! I chatted with him and told him all about my accomplishments from last Friday with my classes etc...and then it was time. All I have to say is WOW. I had a fantastic work out. He worked my muscles…lol…we did crunches the right way. Man oh man. We altered some of my weight-lifting…and my only reply to him was “What did ever do to you???” LOL…we had fun, and it just flew on by. But I must confess, he needs to change the music. Come on now....that was some BAD 80's rock hair well...

Headed home….made a little dinner, watched my two shows…and got my beading stuff ready for Wednesday. BOY was that hard to figure out what to bring. BUT I think I’ve got it all…and man oh man was that bag heavy. I can’t wait to spend time with Cindy and Marti…it will be fun!

Then it was time for the teeth trays….and off to bed….

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