Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Weekend Update

WOW...it's already Tuesday so I'll try my best and "RECAP" the weekend. Friday continued to be a great day. I went home and totally relaxed. I ended up watching "CARS" too cute of a movie.

Saturday I slept in, and did a few things around the apartment and then I hit the road Jack...I went to the bank, made the rent deposit and then I headed to Factoria. I stopped at the office to do a quick task, then I headed to Target, found a really cute and really cheap playground ball with TIGGER on it for my PT exercises...yeah! And I found these really cool Military Ribbon Christmas Ornaments that were on clearance for a $1.49 so I bought the last two...one for the "Rents" and one for me....gotta support our troops! I then headed to Joanns to do a little me shopping with a gift card....I purchased another embossing folder "Congrats" and a 4 pc heart diecut set...I'll post samples soon! Then I headed to Sports Authority to look for a pair of cool weight training gloves no luck....and the SEAHAWKS WON!!!!

I headed home, and stopped at Freddy's to get a few things and found yet another ornament "PEACE" on clearance for $1.49 gotta love 90% off...I finally got home, headed upstairs and settled in and relaxed. I made an awesome chicken ceasar salad and settled in and watched two movies, "Working Girl" and "Jurassic Park" it seems like a lifetime ago that I begged the EX to take me to that movie....we had such a great day - wish it could have lasted....anyways....I made 2 baby congrats cards for Ronda and Lydia...I need to make one for Cyn....so I'll post that one...

Sunday got up and got ready for church...it was a great service, all the kids were there and the babies...so cute so litte so precious. I was lucky and not only got a hug from Aaron but also a kiss....love that little boy - such a great smile!!! And then I headed down to Adult Education...great book, great conversation, great group...then back to the building...did a few manager duties and then up to the "Rents" fun as always and boy did mom look great. She was dressed, hair done, and lipstick on...that's the best I've seen her look since Halloween....made me feel so happy!!!! Anyways...I headed home...and got ready for Monday...

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