Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's a trainwreck...

SO I'm not sure which I'm more freaked out about or distrubed by...

A - the fact that my ex-husband called
B - the fact that the ringtone didn't sound
C- that I answered the phone
D - the fact that he proceeded to tell me that he just started seeing this chick this week, and as they were getting up this morning he thinks that her sister is this other chick he's been seeing on and off again for over a year
E - the fact that he told me he hadn't had a real connection like that since me
F - the fact that I didn't hang up
G - the last but most important - the fact that "V" is coming to town this weekend and wants to see me

I want (a smoke, a stiff drink, chocolate...) something NOW.


What the french toast? Off to get more WATER!

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