Thursday, January 03, 2008


Thursday, day 3 of the new year and my 3rd post of the year. Not too shabby, eh? I am attempting to refocus my blog as I refocus this year. Hopefully, the two will be accomplished.

I decided the other day that I should really try and do my picture a day again…and ACTUALLY finish it…so that is yet another goal I am going to try and do. I don’t know if I’ll post the pictures here….but I will at least take them, and down load them. My camera does a cool thing when printing so perhaps, I will be printing each week, and actually “scrap it” we will see, I don’t want to overwhelm myself with “stuff” but I do want to do more crafting and that will help with my words of the year…Achieve, peace and GO.

Last night I attempted NOT to be overwhelmed. I went shopping for a few things I needed and then I went home. I relaxed a bit, did my PT exercises, made dinner, cleaned up dinner and did my PT exercises again. Whew….then I did some crunches before bedtime. But I did do ONE thing…I found my new calendar that I bought a couple of weeks ago and did take it to work.

I have been having issues with my food journal and calendar and I hope that this new system will work. I really need to journal, I haven’t for a while and really needed to start again. And yes I have as of the 31st…and have been keeping it up each day….As it is important not only for me but for RICO. Part of my issue was I needed to have it handy, and to give it to RICO to review….the way I was doing it wasn’t working….so this new method, a 3 ring binder with my calendar and a spare 3 ring to put the completed and reviewed journal weeks in will hopefully work. I have placed the current weeks journal inside my calendar and at the start of the new week, I will give it to RICO to review and when he’s done, I’ll put it in the spare binder. That week is done, and over with…hopefully this will work, I really need it to.

I really need to get my schedule laid out a bit better…with my workouts with RICO 3x a week, my PT exercises 2x a day and with my 20-30min workout before bed 7x a week Its’ been a struggle to do it all…but I keep pushing forward as I don’t want to be pushing daisies. I know it will get easier and the routine will set in…but it’s day 3 and it sucks.

So today has been great day so far….I carpooled, work has been good, MEME and I are going to see the Bucket List next week, and I spoke with DIVA and will be staying at the Villa 2 times yes count it two times in the next 3 months. YEAH ME!

So here’s to making sure I do “just one thing” and not overwhelm myself, get my new evening routine in check and do what I have to do…and relax, be at peace and GO during my workout tomorrow am with RICO!!!!

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