Monday, January 14, 2008

Can’t Stop…Won’t Stop…

This weekend was good. Went by too fast. I did do a bit of relaxing, a bit of clean up and I did do some stamping. I went to church on Sunday, and up to the “rents”. I fell asleep sorta early, and then woke up way too early….ugh 4am. Sorta feeling that now.

Today was a challenge with working out and my knees. Rico and I started a semi-hardkore workout and after 4 rounds….I was done. My knees hurt like they were being hit with a hammer. I know it will be better in time. But right now it’s hard. It was disappointing, I felt like I not only let myself down, but I let him down as well. Rico is so amazing at times. He just fixed it. Got me on a bench and grabbed the monster resistance tube and some dumbbells. And we rocked it…then we headed over to the over side to do some diagonal crunches with the yellow sun (10lb medicine ball). I got a good workout…I know I will be back and even better…but it’s frustrating right now and tomorrow is shot day. I think I’m gonna take my camera and take a picture of doctor Mike. Should make for some interesting viewpoint to say the least.

I got lots of packages at work today. I had ordered a couple of items of clothing last week and they arrived. I can’t wait to try them all on. I am wearing the jean jacket right now, I probably could have gone a size smaller…but it’s gonna get cold…might need to layer and then wash and dry it will shrink…anyways…it’s comfortable and a medium weight so it’s perfect in my eyes.

Here’s to getting through all the rough spots of the day. All the pain on/in my knees…and to the fact that no matter what…Can’t Stop…Won’t Stop.

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rachael anne said...

i wish i had a trainer named RICO...!