Monday, January 21, 2008

The weekend in a nutshell...

Here it is Monday…a holiday and where am I? At work…as always…no holidays til the end of May…man do I miss working for lawyers on days like today.

The weekend was very good. After leaving work on Friday, I headed and got the fruit for the salad I was gonna make for the candle/stamping party and headed home. Had a nice relaxing evening…unwinding and watching a little bit of tv.

Saturday arrived way too early. I got up and started to make the fruit salad….man oh man did it smell wonderful. I finished getting ready and headed out to meet DIVA #1 (That would be Miss Helen) for breakfast at our favorite place Sweet Additions. Got there a few minutes late, but the breakfast and the company were fantastic. We chatted, caught up on all the good gossip of the day…and then it was time to head out to Jessica’s…down the 169 to…

As usual, I passed Jessica’s house, I always do…it’s too funny…as I drive past it, I always say…”Isn’t that Jessica’s?” I turned around and proceeded to go inside. Jessica got a new puppy named Jack…way to cute…white and black mini austrailian Shepard…I might actually get attached to this puppy. I was bummed out as Brandon her son, wasn’t there…he’s such a sweetie…oh well….everyone started to show up and then it was time for the candle party. I ended up purchasing some candles…as I have made a promise to light them more…to relax…attaining peace….so this was my GO to do it. Everyone finished with the candles, and then it was time for a little bit of stamping. While Heather was setting up, everyone went to get a bit of lunch…the fruit salad was a HIT! Sweet! Gotta love that!

We made two really cute projects, this love card and a matching bag to put goodies in…LOVE THEM! I never use this paper and I have a ton of it…okay a couple of packs left…I gave away my retired ones for prizes at Scrappin Friendzy last time. Must did out this paper…make card…lol…

Anyways, I headed home…and just kicked it. Really didn’t do much. Made dinner and just enjoyed “being at home”, before bed, I placed a bag of lentils in a pot with lots of water to soak overnight…my Sunday project…lol. Sunday I woke up and wasn’t feeling to snazzy, so I didn’t go to church – I was torn about going…but I thought I was coming down with a cold or something…so I decided with my last shot on Tuesday, that I better lay low…I made a lentil, leek, mushroom, ground turkey soup. Not too bad for the first time – not sure if I’m a lentil fan or not, but Sally (my nutritionist) wants me to incorporate more beans into my diet – okay so I’ve done it…this week anyways…lol.

So the rest of the day/evening was relaxing, I did go out for a bit and got a couple of things at the store…but boy was it getting cold outside…and it’s supposed to be cold this whole week….glad I got my new jean jacket!

Anyways….here’s the projects we did at Jessica’s….enjoy!


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