Monday, January 21, 2008

Beware - it's a full moon....

Monday – freakin early. I headed to Rico’s studio. It was dark very dark. Full moon. Very very cold. Freakin early.

He was just about to walk inside when I pulled up…he waited for me. We get inside…it’s actually warmer inside than outside. Still freakin cold. Freakin early. He starts messing with the computer/stereo. We chit chat. And then we hear. The. Car. Alarm. Sound. Off. What the? Rico says…it only goes off if someone opens the door. Son of a Freakin scared now. We head towards the main door. WE. Hear. Another. Alarm. Going. Off. What the? As we open the door (stupid move) his car is going off. He kills the alarm. No one in sight…we notice the alarm for the building across the street is going off. Weird. Freaky. The good ole Seattle PD pull up and drive towards the other building. The gate is locked so they just turn around? Huh? The Alarm is still BLARING….as we head inside I as Rico if he could lock us inside. And he does. Whew…still not feeling too safe right then.

We decide to work out with NO music so we can hear any noises. We hear someone trying to open the door (maybe the police?) Don’t know – they didn’t bang on the door…so we didn’t check it out. Too scared. So we continued to work out. Everytime we heard a noise, we stopped and debated about it…lol. RICO when to get a metal rod (his weapon of choice?) and the tennis ball?? Okay….guess that!!! Anyways…we ended up talking about Dexter of all things….lol…the Showtime show that is about a serial killer who kills serial killers? It’s gonna be on CBS in February…see what happens when all the writers go on strike? Why can’t they bring back the oldie but goodies…the Love Boat, Chips, Magnum PI? Lol….oh well. Anyways…we finished up, he walked me out and down to the car…and off I headed home.

The best thing of the morning…I was actually able to go up the stairs like a normal person today. My left knee didn’t buckle, and I made it up all the way without stopping, or it giving out…YEAH!!!!!!!

Anyways…let’s chalk it up to the full moon…a workout studio in a previously old abandoned building and a holiday that I have to work…lol.


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