Tuesday, January 15, 2008

OH....we're off to see the Dr. the wonderful doc of knees....

LOL.....Lookie it's Dr. Mike!!!

Today was my second series of Simvisk injections in both of my knees. And after last week's hideous display of ignorance by the surgeon, I was definately looking forward to seeing Dr. Mike. Dr. Mike RAWKZ! Totally he does. He is such a great doc!!!
Anyways, the appointment went great...we chatted, and discussed what happened last week. And we talked about future stuff with my knees and what to do and how to do it...and to keep on moving forward.

I brought my camera to take a picture of my knee(s) getting injected, but thought that might be too much for you all...or for me to try and take a picture while I'm trying to relax and breathe and stay still...lol....I did convince Dr. Mike to let me take a picture of him....but he said he had to approve it first...lol...so I definately took advantage of it!!!

Next week is the last series of this round.....whew....now to just hang in there and get through the next couple of weeks....and here's to hoping it lasts a year!!!!

Tomorrow is video day...wonder if I'm ready for it. Time will tell...

till then......


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