Thursday, October 12, 2006

WHo freakin' jack hammers at 7am??? I woke up - not feeling any right leg is mega sore and stiff....ugh....I'm not gonna put anything on it - want to make sure I don't injure it anymore. And guess what...I heard this freakin' loud noise at 7am - it was jack hammering at the new condo building kitty corner okay at the other end of the block...UGH...not again! I swear if this continues on Saturday and Sunday I am gonna loose it!!!!

SO I went to work...and it's been okay. I don't feel very good...I'm getting a sinus cold and I am really worried about my right leg/knee. I am gonna plead for easy upper body work out tonight as I am hoping I just need to rest it for a few days.

UGH....well here's to it being Thursday, a work out day, a Grey's anatomy day! YEAH!


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pinknest said...

ugh i hate the construction, too. i have jackhammers apparently right outside my window. they're doing work on our building and i have to keep my shades closed because there are MEN RIGHT OUTSIDE MY WINDOW!!