Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day O Saturday Day - o

So got up, at the crack of something...and meet pops to go walk around the track...I got there at a few minutes before 7 - what was I thinking...UGH....we had a good walk, and talk...and I didn't spill the beans about Brother B and the fam visiting...YEAH ME!

Instead of going home, I drove down to the water for a bit and just reflected...and then headed home..took a little then got some cards made for a card exchange at Heather's. I got ready, headed to the post office and got my hostage mail and then off I went....made it to Heather's without getting lost....ha...and we had a great time....I learned a few new things and had a great home I went.

Got home, made some dinner and just relaxed.

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