Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Okay so I was to “pool” with “B”. At 7:15 he called….said he needed to drive in solo because of the Smooth Jazz CD Release Party. Okay, I’ll give him that….lol…SO I totally had to scramble. I needed to get my stuff for that night, as I was gonna head to Girls Nite Out at SCC later that evening. Okay…so I headed out, got gas, and made it into work. Then the fun, eh I mean Chaos started.

Okay…so I started with a normal amount of work…then well it go interesting. I started making badges for the VIP clients for the party…got them all printed, cut and laminated…just needed to punch and attach lanyards. Okay…whew…no table tents…uh yeah right. SO at 1:30pm they decided that we needed them again…okay can you say scramble??? UGH…at least I had it all mocked up, and figured out…and had the right type of paper to print on. SO I started printing…OKAY HOUSTON WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM….the ink was all freaky deaky….so I made an adjustment on the printer and got it all figured out.

SO I got them printed, cut and then the scoring of the tent. I was using a ruler and a large paperclip. Are you kidding me???? I thought wait a second…don’t I have a Making Memories Tool Kit/Tool Kit Addition in my trunk??? SO I raced down to the car…and YEP it was there. Why did I have this in my car??? Well I got it on Ebay from Heather and had decided to just leave it in the car. Cuz really, you never know when you are gonna break down and need to papercraft. SNORT. SO back upstairs I went. AND man oh man did that ever do the trick. See I had 150 of these bad boys to do and score on each end…yep 300 scores…so the assembly line was rocking…then it was attaching tape…then folding and taking the cover off tape, attaching a penny and putting it together. WAHOO. Deb helped with the penny part…and we got them all done by 4:30, just in time for Jean to take off. WHEW….what a whirlwind day!
I headed up to SCC stopping at subway getting my 6” sub on…lol…and got there in plenty of time. WOW…what a great Girls Nite Out. There was plenty of talking, laughing, sharing, a great guest speaker, a fantastic reality based lesson, a useful project…we made cookies in a jar…and then the evening came to an end. I felt sooo good being there. Every one was so nice and friendly, I almost felt guilty about having such a good time at SCC (which is a different church from where I normally go). And then, I headed home….and got ready for a rocking Tuesday!

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