Wednesday, October 11, 2006's time to Pump You

Ah tuesday. A terrible tuesday...okay NOT so much....Actually, even tho it was a frantic busy can I just do one more thing type of day. IT was great. I assembled a ton of gift bags for a big client meeting (MEME- LSTC). AND then I put together about 65 packages for our cd sampler to go into the local Tully's locations. Whew...I felt like an elf getting Santa ready for christmas...HA!

So the next thing I knew it was time to head down to FT for my session with Becky...BUT I wasn't sure if she was gonna be there or it was her b-day. SO I get there and low and behold she got the day it was ALL ABOUT DAVE! SWEET!

Had a fantastic work-out...he pushed me ever so and he became the "Muscle Magician" thats a new superhero just in case you were wondering. HA HA *snort* Anyways...we had a fun hard working laughing fun filled session. AND boy did I feel the burn...yeah!

SO I headed stuck in traffic....on i-90 like at 7pm...what??? Finally made it home after 8pm... barely made it up the freakin' yes I said freakin' 4 flights of stairs...then I did the old pop the lean cuisine in the micro and settled in to watch a little tv before falling asleep.....

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