Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Part Two - The Update

Part Two…see I didn’t leave you hanging….ha ha snort

Saturday. What a great beautiful fall Seattle day. Humm what was I thinking. I actually agreed to go for a walk with my pops after he got off of work. At Golden Gardens. Insert creepy horror film movie music here. HA. I went into a panic attack. Why? Why would I go into a full blown panic attack? Are you kidding me??? But yes I did. I called Momma…she talked me through it. I drove to Midas to meet Pops. I got there….couldn’t breathe….eeks…here we go again. I talked myself thru it. And we went and had a great walk. I walked about ¾ a mile. YEAH….we had a blast.

I went grocery shopping afterwards and went home and made a great dinner. Watch some tv and had a relaxing evening. I couldn’t wait for Sunday.

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