Monday, October 02, 2006

Scrappin' Friendzy Recap

WOW. What an event. 70 gals attended. I got there around 8:30am and started to set up my table. It was a narrow table, and not too awfully long. BUT I'd make due. I didn't set up my display board as there wasn't room, and glad I didn't either. Note for next time...make the baggie books...and put in a basket...that would fit.

I got everything set up and tada! People started to stop by. YEAH! Then it was time for my 2 classes. WOW...everyone was in lets' get this project done. Only a few needed help. I gave away lots of prizes!!! Everyone really enjoyed the project..YEAH ME! Whew.....that was fast and furious...I've never taught two classes back to back in 1 hour....eeeks...I am so glad that I really prepared the kits as much as I made it sooo much easier!

The rest of the day just flew by...I talked to some people that I hadn't seen for a while, met some new a few sales...YEAH!!! and overall had a fantastic time!!!

At the end of the day, I went downstairs where everyone was scrappin' to have dinner and be there when the prizes were awarded....that was sooo cool. Everyone loved all the prizes I had donated...yeah me again!

One new stamper won my enter to win that I had at my table, and she was sooo excited.

AND the bestest news...I was already asked to come back for the next one in March. AND they want me to teach cards!!! YEAH!!! HOW cool is that????

I headed home on a huge emotional high...and after HERC'ing all my stuff up 4 freakin' flights of stairs...I crashed!

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