Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Some of you know that I have been really struggling with my diabetes since the end of June. SO now I've made it thru 2 - 6 week check ups....yep 3 months...and with 7 weeks of a trainer and good eating habits under my belt...and Tuesday was THE DAY.

I got up, rather nervous and got ready to head to my doctor's appointment. When I got there...I started to settle down. Emily came and got me and we went to do the normal stuff before the doc came in. SO far everything was improving. check.

The Doc came in and we went over ALL of my results. Improvement. Yeah. Improvement. Yeah. Improvement. Yeah. Improvement, still needs work...yeah. Overall....I rocked the house. I left with new scripts and an appoinment in 3 months...YEAH ME!!! I headed to the car to call Momma.....and then the call waiting clicked...

WAHOOOO....Brian....the ultimate trainer called to see how things were going...I couldn't believe that he remembered about the tests....YEAH...We had a great conversation and then he told me that I was "Client of the Month" YEAH ME....and I won some fabulous prizes. WOW!

I headed back to work on an HUGE emotional high.....and worked like no

I then headed to my session with Becky...I warmed up....and had a fantastic session...I even got to box and I beat up on Becky...tee hee.....and then....I totally freaked her out...and made her laugh SOOOO hard. While I was marching in place...I started to do the Macaraenia... It was soooo funny!!! HA! The rest of the session went awesome but man oh man...I was beat at the end....Dave and I headed over to the Teriyaki place and I ordered my first FT oriental salad...not to shabby.

I headed home and just relaxed and fell asleep around 10pm as "B" and I are starting our early wed morning carpool...eeeks.


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