Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This is NOT your typical Gilligan's Island Tour

Sunday. Yeah…it was finally here. I woke up, and went for a walk by myself at Golden Gardens. WOW it was freakin cold. But beautiful!

I got home and got ready to meet Diva #1 and California Joni downstairs. We had called a cab to take us downtown to the Argosy Brunch Cruise. WOW…it was finally here. I have been waiting for such a long time.

We got there. Got the tickets…they were comp’d sweet. Got in line…got onto the ship, got some bubbly and were seated. WOW. It was amazing. The ship filled up, the music by Michael Powers started, and then the food. We had such a good time. Headed home and then up to the “rents’. Had a great visit. Good dinner. Then headed home. WOW…I felt sooo good. What a fabulous weekend! The pictures below are 1- Beautiful Seattle Skyline, 2 - Yummy food, 3 - DIVA #! and yep 4 - ME!

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