Sunday, October 29, 2006


Friday finally was here. "B" and I were supposed to carpool...hummm that seems to be a theme for this week....and he called again at like 7:15 to say....its the night out with the boys....oh I finished getting ready and headed to work.

It was a typical Friday....reports and such and a project again for corner man...ugh....I hate those...lots of pressure...oh well. I did a project for "B" and then at the end of the day....I talked to my Brother "B" and he and the fam are coming for a visit the day after Christmas...YEAH!!! SO I headed home feeling very happy and very confident....

I got home and decided....I could bake. Yeah right. Me and my big ideas. SO I took the jar with the cookies ingredients in it from Monday and poured it out into a bowl....just the smell of it made me want to eat it ALL....SO down the disposal it went. UGH! NOW I'm all freaked out about next weekend in Portland with the potluck and cookie exchange.....I'll figure it out I am I headed off to bed feeling like a lllllooooooozzer...oh well.

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