Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tears of Joy and Accomplishments

Thursday....what a day. Was yet another busy day...definately a good day. And then time for a little FT workout with Becky.

Dave and I talked about my's still in the then we pumped it knee/leg seems to be back to normal...however, when I am sitting for a long period of time, it still is sorta stiff when I get up and start to walk.

I told Becky how much I appreciated her...and how I wouldn't have gotten where I was without her...she started to cry...and I did has been a amazing journey these last 3 months...and then I headed over to DIVA's.

I picked up Subway for dinner for us...and got there just before Ugly Betty. We laughed, and then we got serious and had an amazing conversation. It just amazes me how incredible DIVA is, and how our friendship has blossomed.

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