Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Part One - The Update

Awe yes the update….Part One

Had a fantastic workout on Thursday. My knee/leg was still giving me troubles…eeeks…still wasn’t feeling good. Started to get into a funk. Ick. Yes a funk. Not a funky cold medina…drat.

Friday the 13th was not too eventful – thank goodness…lol….and as the weekend started I started feeling not so good. I took it easy. I slept. I stretched my leg. I ate good. I slept some more. I made my Halloween cards. YEAH. I slept some more. By Sunday…My cold was in full force. I didn’t go to church…boo….I didn’t go to the “rents’ boo hiss…..I was in a major funk. BOOOOO.

I stayed home from work on Monday. My knee/leg was starting to feel better. I was still in my funk. I needed to get out of it in a hurry.

I did something I have not done in about 1 ½ years since Mad Scientist – I went to Golden Gardens. I sat in my car…looking out at the water. Realizing how much I missed going there, how long it had been since I last walked there. How far I have come since then. It felt right to be there. I started to feel not so much in a funk. I went home. Made it up the stairs…ugh….and settled back in.

On Tuesday…I probably could have gone to work, but decided to stay home again. I felt better, my knee/leg felt better. I was getting out of the funk. I started to do so cleaning etc. and I went to my work out. I had a good work out, we started to do a few things we had stopped when I injured my knee/leg. Awesome. On the way home, I stopped again at Golden was dark, but the effect was still the same. I am ready. I can do this. I am unstopable.


Wednesday, I went into work, my boss was still on vacation, sweet! I felt great. No longer in a funk – YEAH ME!!! I was on fire…that’s right F I R E! Had a great day…and then it was time for Thursday. WOW….great day….fantastic work out – I went down another notch on the pushup bar….wahooo….and my knee/leg is getting better…YEAH! Friday….wow…great day….felt good…was looking forward to the weekend….got lots brewing….that'll be in Part Two - The Update. he heee

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