Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I was sooo excited this morning. I was gonna be able to register for my advanced jewelry class today.

On the way to work, I called and talked to a friend whom I haven't talked to in like foreverh...a mad scientist related was good to hear their voice and catch up a bit.

I got into work and realized the "JOKE" that I left on a stocking - the stocking was gone. Okay this is not good. NOTE: When playing reindeer games...becareful. I upset this person. I did not mean to. This is what I did. I took a stocking that had a name of a person who is NO longer here...and took the gold glitter and put an "X" thru it. Then I proceeded to write in the gold glitter the person's name that didn't have a stocking...pretty fun...considering the guy is always laughing joking etc. AND last year he put up a sweatsock with his name on it....I thought he would laugh.


SO I put up the funny stocking on Monday was gone on Tuesday...BUT I really had made him a regular new one on Monday night and was gonna replace it. Anyways....I was forgiven. UGH....come on people have a bit of holiday humor.



I actually got thru and was able to register for my advanced jewelry class with LNK...YEAH..The picture above shows what the class is...I will be making the pendant part of the necklace...I am sooo excited...and it is sooo out of the box for me and I'm ready for it! of the day...was busy crazy...I was totally beat by the time I got to see MM...we had a good workout even tho I was tired...and then I headed home....

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