Friday, December 01, 2006



So here's a picture of MM with his A GAME Face on!

SO I have a work out scheduled - and it's been since Saturday since MM and I did our thang. UGH...its gonna be a tough one...but I'm in it to win it or own

Had a pretty good day at a few things done...and then headed down to see MM.

We had a little chit a few things well settled...and he wants me to step it up a bit on the RB not only at home but at FT after my workouts... SO challenge excepted.

MY workout was intense...I worked hard and did awesome...and then....time to hit RB before heading home. I so totally rocked it....did a 1/2 mile AFTER my workout and then I headed to Costco to get some SBD Cereal bars. I ended up walking all of Costco before checking out...and then I headed home.....managed to get all my stuff upstairs in one trip...and then settled down for a bit of Grey's Anatomy!

Had an interesting phone call and settled into a deep sleep.

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